'Almost Human' Recap: Obsession is Deadly
'Almost Human' Recap: Obsession is Deadly
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Almost Human introduced a unique characteristic that some future people possess in "Perception."  The team investigated the mysterious deaths of two classmates who died at the same time even though they weren't together. Meanwhile, John Kennex's continued his quest to find out the truth about the ambush and Anna's involvement.

Two Friends Die ... Apart

If two friends died together at the same time, the cause would easily be attributed to the same thing. In this case, the two girls died at the same time, but were in entirely different locations. And, there wasn't any trace of a contaminate at their school.

What happened to cause them both to collapse? The major clue was an empty DNA-locked container that they each had on them. It was drugs, but not normal recreational drugs. These drugs were something much different.


Almost Human introduced a new type of futuristic person -- a chrome. It's an intriguing addition to the story to counterbalance the androids and humans. Chromes aren't at all mechanical, but they have been genetically engineered to be "better" than humans. 

The full extent of their abilities isn't clear yet. Though, Valerie is a Chrome. And, the students at the special Chrome school seemed surprised that a Chrome would choose to work in a police department.

The two girls who died were killed both Chromes.

A Third Death

When the police deciphered the drug that killed them, they tied their deaths to a third girl from months before. It was another classmate of theirs, Lila, but she wasn't a Chrome. She was a normal human girl who was friends with the two dead Chromes.

This broke the case open and lead the investigation to the person creating the drug, Julian. He was a student at the same school until he was expelled.

Drug Printer

The term "designer drugs" has a whole new meaning in the future. Pills are manufactured on a drug printer. How cool is that? The devices are heavily regulated, but in this case Julian used his deceased father's machine to make special drugs for his friends.

The drug was intended to heighten their understanding and interpretation of the world around them. It made them better and smarter. It wasn't for a high, but to give them a step up over other people.

The Killer

The two girls were killed to make them pay for Lila's death. Lila's mother paid someone to hack into the drug printer and up the girls' dose to a lethal level. It was for revenge.

In the end, Lila wasn't killed because of the girls or Julian. She took the drug one time and it made her feel inferior and that she could never live up to her mother's standards. She was gifted, but would never be a Chrome.

Lila killed herself. She left her boyfriend, Julian, and her friends behind. And, her mother was left to grieve over her daughter's death. A tragic tale.

Kennex's Obsession

"Perception was originally episode 4 and it showed. Kennex's drug problems and obsession with searching for answers hasn't been mentioned in months. Its sudden appearance was jarring to see. Though, the mother's rant at the end about her obsession was the perfect wake-up call for Kennex.

Just as bad was that Kennex's treatment of Dorian had reverted to their early days together. I'm not sure why this episode was held to air now, but it was very distracting to watch. It felt like I was watching a rerun I missed rather than a new, original hour.

For all that, not much was learned about the ambush other than that Anna gave Kennex a matryoshka doll (nice Olympics tie-in) that was a listening device. That means the Syndicate has been listening to his conversations this whole time.

He was likely the leak in the department and didn't know it.  The internal affairs investigator gave him quite a hard time about Anna too. Kennex did a background check on her and it was clean. What else was he supposed to do?

The Ambush

At this point, I don't really care about the ambush or Anna. By avoiding it for so long, it's lost its appeal and it feels odd for Kennex to be obsessed now. He's been over it for so long that I am too. Do you still want to know more?

I'm much more interesting in the Syndicate, Kennex's father, and most of all The Wall. I hope going into the final episodes of season 1, the team investigates cases that are in those areas. I'd also like to know more about Valerie and her Chrome abilities.

What do you want to see more of in the last few episodes?

Almost Human airs on Mondays at 8 pm ET on FOX.

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