'Almost Human' Recap: The Case of the Smart Home Murders
'Almost Human' Recap: The Case of the Smart Home Murders
Carla Day
Carla Day
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A killer smart home hit on Almost Human. In "Disrupt," Kennex and Dorian set out to find the person responsible for hacking smart homes and using the computers to kill their residents. The future is a dangerous place when people aren't even safe alone in their own homes.

Smart Home Murder Part II

Michael and Linda Bennett received thousands of threats after a teenager was killed by their home security system. When the husband got home from work, he reassured his wife that they weren't murderers. Michael sat down and had a scotch, while Linda went for a swim. 

Then their home security system killed them. The cover on the pool was closed over the top of Linda. She couldn't get out. Her husband was locked inside, but then broke the glass to try and save her. When he was beating on the pool cover, he shot by the security system as an intruder.

A Year Before

A teenage boy, Aaron, was killed by the Bennetts' smart home when he went over the wall into their property. He was shot and killed. His mother sued the company and wanted smart home security systems to be outlawed, but she was unsuccessful.

She claimed she was at church when the Bennetts were killed and had nothing to do with it. The police believed the murders were in retribution for Aaron's death since it happened on the one year anniversary of his death.


A cyber-terrorism group caused a blackout throughout the city on the anniversary of Aaron's death. They wanted to draw attention to the technology being implemented in homes. They believed the technology was prematurely launched before it was safe.

The blackout was tracked to a hacker, Crispin X. Rudy provided the information to find him. The hacker was at a party. Kennex and Valerie head to the party to find it wasn't really a party. It was a virtual reality party.

They find the hacker, Nico, and arrest him. Nico denied that he killed the Bennetts. While he's in custody the security firm's lawyer was suffocated by his smart home fire protection system. The police offer the hacker a deal if he helps them decode a photo they found at both crime scenes.

The Killer

Nico tracked the matching photo in the threats to one of Aaron's friends, Emily. Nico hacked Emily and found her files. Her next target was Kay Stenson. It became a race of hacker vs. hacker. Emily took control of the androids and sent them to kill Kay. 

Nico took down the androids. Who would win control of the system? Emily activated all of the androids and the fire suppression system. They only had a few minutes before they would run out of oxygen.

Dorian went after Emily and found her in the server room. A Sam-bot attacked Dorian and an android vs. android fight was on! Dorian 1 - Sam-bot 0.

Meanwhile, Kennex shot and took out two Sam-bots. That left two more in the building. One went after Kay, but Kennex got there in time to take him out before he killed her. With all the Sam-bots destroyed, they had to contend with the oxygen system.

Dorian talked Emily down while Nico stopped the oxygen system from shutting down. She wanted revenge for Aaron's death because she blamed herself. He was going to see her the night he was killed. 

Where's Paul?

Kennex and Dorian were put on the smart home murders case because Paul took the day off. Kennex came up with ridiculous reasons for his absence. He told Rudy that Paul got a piercing down there and it got infected. Ouch!

Then, he told the cop at the crime scene that Paul had hemmoroids "inside and out." Kennex went as far to tell the cop they were taking a collection for a donut pillow. Poor Paul.

Dorian didn't approve. It turned out that Paul took a personal day, but they didn't know the real reason he took the day off. That didn't stop Kennex from continuing with his stories. At the next crime scene, he told the cop that Paul got an infection from the sexbot.

Kennex's lies went too far. The guys in patrol collected money for Paul's donut pillow and the officer brought it to Malonado. She told him that Paul took his mother to Mexico and to give the officers their money back.

Dorian Hacked?

Dorian started having memories from childhood, but since he was never a young boy they couldn't be real. He went to Rudy with the concern and they examined the images together. Rudy wasn't aware of those files and looked into it.

Dorian did have memories from before he was decommissioned that were erased, but these were something different. Rudy and Dorian were "friends" before he was decommissioned. They hung out. Dorian asked to get those erased files back. He reassured Rudy that are friends and should be honest with each other.

Rudy confided in Kennex about his findings. The memories were human memories and inserted into Dorian before he was re-activated. Kennex wanted to tell Dorian, but Rudy said if they did people would believe he was going bad like the other DRNs. 

Rudy and Kennex decided to find out who put the memories in Dorian and why. Something suspicious was going on.

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