'Almost Human' Review: Clones, Psychics and Life-Sized Ken Dolls
'Almost Human' Review: Clones, Psychics and Life-Sized Ken Dolls
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
What starts out looking like a fairly typical murder trial turns into a anything but on Almost Human when a witness in protective custody is killed while testifying remotely. With no evidence or motive, the case is based entirely on the testimony of two eye witnesses. 

Unlike last week's "The Bends" drug case, future technologies were showcased throughout "Blood Brothers." Every few minutes, I was in awe of this futuristic society and how present day technologies and issues have evolved and then were incorporated into the episode.

A hologram was used twice to great effect. First, when the witness testified against Ethan Avery from the safe house. That was kinda cool, but it became awesome when the impact of her attack was seen in the courtroom. It's too bad that she died, but neat visuals.

And again when Maldonado "brought" Ethan to the hostage exchange to get Valerie back. While that wasn't without problems, that's not something that would be even possible today. She was able to have Ethan on the scene while not really releasing him from custody. Brilliant.

A critical clue for the investigation came from Maya Vaughn (who definitely didn't deserve the "bananapants" moniker). Can you imagine a future where you can have a procedure that allows you to communicate with the dead? Would you want that ability? What other abilities can be heightened in this future?

While the "killed" MX wasn't able to help in identifying the assassin, Maya was able to communicate with Hayley. The dead witness was able to verify that Ethan Avery was her killer. How was that possible if he was in the courtroom?

Rudy verified Hayley's statement (via Maya) by using a high-tech voice analyzer. Ethan Avery was in the safe house and the courtroom at the same time. That led to a brainstorming session on how that could be possible. No face changer. It had to be a physical duplicate.

Valerie found evidence that provided a motive for Ethan's killing of Dr. Leon Fuller, as well as, how he was in two places at one time. Clones! And they weren't very careful about staying hidden once their secret was out. 

Case solved. The case this week was much better than last week, but I'm still disappointed that Almost Human tends to stick to a traditional procedural framework. One case per episode doesn't provide for much tension or high stakes. 

Where the cases fall short, the character development makes up for it. Dorian could flip a car? He's both physically and emotionally impressive. That makes him an asset as a robot. He connected with Maya in a profound way. He believed in her abilities when others didn't.

When he brought her the evidence box, he was giving her the greatest gift. It was touching. Her found her when she was hiding from the killer and then he gave her what she wanted most in the world -- her parents.

The moment was the perfect complement to the opening exchange between Dorian and Kennex about the"life-sized Ken dolls" and their private areas. Another absolutely hilarious exchange between the two partners. Dorian's "more thoughtful" designer provided for Kennex's envy. The question is: Nothing? Or plenty?

Dorian's ribbing of Kennex about Valerie may finally have broken into the detective's brain cells. Bourbon and the game. Perhaps they are the perfect couple?

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