'Almost Human' Review: All DRN Aren't Created Equal
'Almost Human' Review: All DRN Aren't Created Equal
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Almost Human examines the dark side of medical care in"Arrhythmia." Even though transplanted organs are mechanical instead of human in 2048, they are expensive and in limited supply. 

Instead of destroying the mechanical organs upon the recipient's death, a mortuary worker recovered the organs for re-transplant on the black market.

Replacement Heart ... at a Cost

While the idea was noble, the criminal enterprise wasn't established for philanthropic reasons. The head of the enterprise and the mortuary worker were in it to make money by taking advantage of desperate, dying people.

The black market transplants were discovered when a man showed up at the hospital and demanded to be helped at gun point. He knew he was about to die and then at the exact time he said, he did. His transplanted heart expired at that exact moment.

Not only were the dying people charged for the transplant, they were extorted out of money each month to extend their lives another 30 days. How inhumane! Cruelty continues to exist in the future.

I was glad to find out that the doctor at least was ignorant of the timer he was putting into his patients. He was actually trying to help people bypass the corporate structure that cost people their lives. 

The others were in it for the money and didn't care who they hurt. (Nice mention of Bitcoin. It's still a currency in the future.) The mortician considered refreshing the time banks for the transplant recipients, but didn't. He let his selfishness win out. And people started dying.

The medical company at least came through and offered free replacement hearts for those still alive. They were partially covering for their corrupt employee, but they still did it.

DRN Times Two

On the case, Dorian came across another DRN model who was working as a mechanic. Dorian thought he deserved to be utilized for his created purpose as a cop. He gave the DRN access to police files and he immediately made use of them.

The DRN attacked a man that was listed as a criminal. It was an awesome take down, but it came at a great cost. The man had already served his time. The DRN was working off old files. Oops. And, during the take down a car crashed and a MX model was destroyed.

Somehow Maldonado didn't find out about Kennex and Dorian's new partner right away. The DRN spend the day with them. Dorian learned a lot about himself and his model by spending time with the DRN.

While Dorian was emotionally capable of being a police officer, the DRN wasn't. When asked to help, he was terrified. He was better suited to being a mechanic. The DRN's story about saving a boy was touching. It showed the extent of the emotional capabilities of the android.

In the end, Dorian removed the police files and memories from the DRN, but left the memory of the boy. Not all DRN models are like Dorian and that will likely come up again.

Kudos to Michael Ealy for doing a great job portraying Dorian and DRN in the same scenes. He was able to create distinctive characters for two identical androids. Dorian's confidence differentiated him from the DRN's uncertainty and nervousness.

Ro-Bromance Moments

  • Dorian is a rule follower. He gave Kennex a difficult time about going through a red light. Kennex encouraged Dorian to break a rule or two. And he did with the DRN model. Though it was also interesting that the DRN lost his job due to breaking the rules to save a life. It's a fine line. 
  • Kennex to Dorian: "You were designed to be a cop? Hmm."
  • Dorian and the DRN had similar programming which was hilarious to see has the DRN met Kennex. The speech pattern! And, the mouth noises! Loved when Dorian followed the DRN and did it too!
  • Dorian removed his eye! And accidentally dropped it in Kennex's coffee!
  • Dorian took control of the car! Hilarious! 
  • Dorian's decision to hassle Kennex into donating for kids was touching and funny. Nice reminder that Kennex has a robotic leg.
  • Kennex refused to let Dorian drive the car. I can't wait until Dorian has to drive to save Kennex. That will be an important moment for their partnership.
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