'Almost Human' Recap: Chewing Gum Saved the Day
'Almost Human' Recap: Chewing Gum Saved the Day
Carla Day
Carla Day
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The situation got tense when a hostage situation ended up not being at all what it seemed on Almost Human. In "Are You Receiving?" John and Dorian worked the case from the inside, while Maldonado negotiated with the hostage takers.

The Hostage Situation

A group of men infiltrated a building and took control of the 25th floor. They planted an explosive to go off and force an evacuation of the building. The cops responded and shut down all communication.

In response, the men shot a man and threw him out the window with a note that said no cops. They used the people there as hostages and demanded a fission igniter as ransom. Maldonado knew that she couldn't meet their demand, so Rudy offered to make a fake that they can use for the exchange.

Using facial recognition, they identified the ringleader to be Lucas Vincent from the Holy Reclamation Army. The group did the same thing in Tokyo and didn't hesitate to take lives. 

Cops on the Inside

John defied Maldonado's order to get out and continued working the way up to the 25th floor with Dorian. When the communications went out, Dorian started taking the outbound distress calls. Paige contacted them from the 25th floor. They used her to get information about the situation with the hostages.

John and Dorian got into a gun fight with one of the criminals. Dorian was damaged/injured by a bullet. Before he went out of commission, they identified the killed criminal to be a member of the Holy Reclamation Army, until Dorian realizes this guy was using a face maker. The group was pretending to be the radical group for some reason.

The Other Crew

The hostage situation was a ruse to get the police to turn on their communication jammer. That allowed another team to do a heist for palladium without having to worry about an alarm signal getting out.

The team on the 25th floor didn't want the fission igniter. They planned to leave it behind. And, they planned to kill everyone on the 25th floor except for three that would go with them for protection.

Dorian Saves the Day with John's Help

Dorian convinced John to let him climb through the elevator shaft to get to the 25th floor. He then was able to quickly get on the ground and kill the hostage takers. When the leader had Dorian at gunpoint, John showed up with Gregor's face maker on. Nice move, John!

His surprise appearance gave him the edge and he he took out the other criminals and then got Maldonado to turn the jammer off which exposed and captured the other crew stealing the palladium. Meanwhile, Dorian stopped the bomb.

Top Ro-bromance Moments

  • Olive oil. John took Dorian's advice and it worked.
  • Dorian got upset with John for being late. Aww. Better get used to it Dorian. He's not a man that runs on a schedule.
  • John attempted to use Dorian as a coffee warmer and then Dorian stuck his finger in it. HA! Dorian did verify it was the perfect temperature. 
  • John used fingernail clippers and chewing gum to fix Dorian! Hey ... it worked, right?
  • Noodles!
  • The touching conversation between them when Dorian said he didn't want to die. And, John understood. No joke, just a nice reply of "Dead is dead." Human or robot.
  • Elton John!
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