'Almost Human' Recap: A Roboman and a Humbot
'Almost Human' Recap: A Roboman and a Humbot
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Almost Human takes us to 2048 to a time when things aren't all that much different than they are today. The technology may be more advanced and society has evolved, but people are more or less the same. It's a future that feels more familiar than not.

2048 Technology

On science fiction and futuristic shows and movies, it's often necessary to absorb yourself into the world that's created without much or any thought about our world today. The technologies are so out there that it's difficult to imagine them in an authentic future reality.

In Almost Human, there wasn't any suspension of disbelief needed. While I watched, the future technologies seemed entirely feasible. Programmable DNA? Sure, why not? The information that can be derived from our DNA today is amazing. A weapon that targets specific DNA doesn't seem outrageous. Scary, yes! Impossible, no!

Robotic police partners would certainly have advantages and eventually possible. Would the MX or DRN model be more realistic? I'm not sure. Even though the MX model is the later one on the show, a computer-run, fact-driven robot seems more doable based on current technologies. A robot that feels emotions and is human-like is a little freaky. 

Detective John Kennex

Kennex is a troubled man. He led his team into an ambush two years ago and lost his entire time and his leg. He's determined to find out what happened and how the Syndicate knew about the ambush.

One of the MX's on the mission refused to help him and his partner retreat. That left Kennex with a disdain for the police robots. He didn't trust them to have his back and with good reason.

His superior officer, Maldonado brought him back to the police department even though the shrink said he "should return to service -- never." She needed him to investigate the Syndicate because he was the only one she trusted.

Kennex's struggling with his new life. He doesn't like his synthetic leg, his girlfriend is missing, he's abusing drugs, and taking risks to remember what happened during the raid. Despite all of that, he's a good cop.


Dorian is a DRN model robot. Don't call him a synthetic. He finds that term derogatory and doesn't like it. Unlike the fact-driven MX models, he was designed to have feelings and have a sense of humanity.

He talks like a person rather than a computer and has facial expressions. At the same time, he's able to process information like a computer and even analyze blood samples immediately. 

Dorian has a sense of humor, even more than Kennex. And, Maldonado specifically put in for Dorian to be Kennex's partner. She believes they are both special and will work well together. So far, she's right.

The Case

Kennex was called in to investigate a robbery. It gets more complicated when the same men kidnap a police officer, Vogel. The group appears to have ties to the Syndicate, but Kennex and Maldonado keep that to themselves.

A man was taken into custody during the robbery after he was shot, but it was all a set up. He shot himself, asked to be put in protective custody, and gave them the address where Vogel was being held. He also planted a device on a toilet pipe.

When Kennex and Dorian arrived at the location, the MX wanted them to wait, but they refused. The device they found had a trip wire. They were careful not to trip it, but when they found Vogel it was set off. It was a set up.

Vogel was killed with programmable DNA. All police officers are inoculated and the poison was designed to kill him. Police officers were being targeted and they had no clues to go on.

The MX that witnessed Vogel's kidnapping had been destroyed, but Dorian was able to process the damaged data. They found out that the group was after something that was being kept in police evidence lock-up.

The group planned a raid on the facility. The device planted on the toilet pipe was activated and turned off all the MX models. That left only the human cops and Dorian to defend the police station.

They ended up being enough and took the invader into custody. They still didn't know what he was after though, since the Case File 6663 was erased from the computer system and unrecoverable.

We were shown that it was a female robot head. Intriguing!

The Syndicate 

When Kennex found out that police officers were being targeted he went back to the "doctor" for another treatment to recover his memory. Kennex didn't care that it could kill him, he had to know.

Dorian showed up and saved Kennex from himself. Though, the cop was under long enough that he remembered something key to the case. His ex-girlfriend was part of the ambush and most likely found out about the raid from Kennex.

She's part of the Syndicate!

Kennex and Dorian

After saving Kennex's life and supporting him throughout the investigation, Dorian proved his value to the human. While their relationship will certainly have issues as any would, they came to terms to being partners.

Kennex even told Dorian to call him John. That's a huge step!

Almost Human airs on Mondays at 8 pm ET on FOX.

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