'Almost Human' Interview: Mackenzie Crook and Michael Ealy on Rudy's Undercover Adventure, Plus Unique Relationships with Humans and Robots
'Almost Human' Interview: Mackenzie Crook and Michael Ealy on Rudy's Undercover Adventure, Plus Unique Relationships with Humans and Robots
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Over the first few episodes of Almost Human, the show has been able to incorporate humor into some serious situations. On this week's "The Bends," the humor will be stepped up when Rudy gets out of his lab and goes undercover.

I was on location for the filming of "The Bends" in Vancouver where Mackenzie Crook and Michael Ealy took time to speak to reporters about the episode.

Crook discusses Rudy's relationship with both robots and humans, as well as, his journey undercover during the episode. Ealy shares his thoughts on Dorian's growth and the theme of the episode. Check out the edited interview below.

On Rudy's role on Almost Human

Crook: ["The Bends"] is very Rudy-heavy. There's some good bits and funny moments. Up until now I've kinda been in my lab. They come to me a couple times in each episode where I'll explain something and making something in the lab. I'm getting a lot of hints that he's a much deeper character than I initially thought. He has secrets and information that could be quite powerful information. 

How does Rudy handle going undercover?

Crook: He's launching himself into it, but not really quite knowing what he's doing. He's got this idea that he wants to create a persona and he puts on some snappy clothes but really he's just Rudy in snappy clothes. 

Ealy: He's reluctant at first, right?

Crook: At first, he's like "no way," but then he gets romanced by the idea of being a bit of a hero. Yeah, we'll see hilarious consequences.

What can you tell us about going undercover and Rudy's choice of outfit?

Crook: This is a new adventure for Rudy coming up. This is the first time he's seen the light of day when he steps out of the lab. He's been talked into going undercover to get the bad guys.

He just has this idea that he wants to assume a different character, so he wants to dress up in smart, sophisticated, European clothes. Whatever European clothes are. Yeah, but it's a bit misguided. It turns out that he's not the actor that he wishes that he could be.

Is Dorian mimicking the human behaviors he sees? Or, is he growing?

Ealy: I think he's grown. With every experience, every episode has a theme to it. [The Bends] is about friendship and how friends are supposed to have each other's back. And how you kinda have gotta do -- you have to get dirty sometimes to kinda solidify the friendship and it's necessary.

He's just learning more about human behavior every episode. Obviously, John's interactions with other people is something that's developing and [Dorian] just observes all this stuff. It's like watching John work with a kid and in Dorian's mind there's no version of John Kennex being able to communicate effectively with a child. And then he starts off terrible then he finds his way. It's something that we have to reckon with eventually.

What does Rudy think about robots and human co-existing?

Crook: He's got a complex relationship with his robots. He puts all of himself and his soul into his work. He's a craftsman. He has a very personal connection with all of his creations, but especially for the DRN model that I think we'll find out more about his relationship with that and the creation of that. He relates to the robots in a more human way than probably any other character. 

How does Rudy get along with humans?

Crook: It's a harder relationship he has with human beings than he does with the robots. Definitely. He's a strange chap. He puts all of himself into his job and doesn't have much time for socializing. He doesn't get along well.

Check out a sneak peek of "The Bends."

Almost Human airs Mondays at 8 pm ET on FOX.

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