'Almost Human' Interview: Karl Urban and Michael Ealy on Kennex and Dorian's Relationship and Fun Chemistry
'Almost Human' Interview: Karl Urban and Michael Ealy on Kennex and Dorian's Relationship and Fun Chemistry
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Almost Human provides a unique look at the future, technology and law enforcement. That unusual environment sets the stage for one of the best and funniest partnerships on television -- the ro-bromance between John Kennex and Dorian.

This fall, I visited the Almost Human set in Vancouver where Karl Urban (John Kennex) and Michael Ealy (Dorian) spoke with reporters about what their characters can learn from each other and the fun they have with their interactions, especially the car scenes. Plus, find out if Dorian will ever get to drive the car!

How far do Dorian's emotions go?

Michael Ealy: We're gonna find out. Right now, the chemistry is so good now that we're starting to grow on each other. And he sees my value and I see his humanity which wasn't there in the pilot. I'm starting to see his humanity now. For Dorian, his range of emotions - depending on what they show -- it can go from very, very emotional to pretty stoic. And that's been kinda fun to play, especially in the action sequences when he's just unstoppable. 

Karl Urban: Like a machine.

What has Kennex learned from Dorian?

Urban: I think that Dorian is a wonderful way for John to get in touch with his humanity. Dorian's sheer inquisitiveness about why humans behave like they do is one avenue. Or the mere fact that Dorian will question John on his actions and in doing so provokes a bit of soul searching and deeper thought on John's behalf.

I think it's a two-way street. I think that Dorian learns lessons from John as well. That's what makes the partnership so successful and it's also wonderful these characters have fun with each other. There's a great chemistry and rapport and a great banter. And, it's funny that they don't always get on. There's a lot of fertile ground.

What's been the most fun part of doing the show?

Ealy: Probably the car scenes. The car scenes -- it's kinda like the barber shop for us. We get in the car and that's when he can't get away. The funny thing is there are times when [Kennex]'s getting the silent treatment. "What's wrong?" If Dorian's not talking, he knows something's wrong. I think those scenes are where we found most of the connection -- we find a lot of connective tissues in those car scenes that I think is nice. Quite nice to discover.

Urban: I really enjoy the beats where I get to play with Michael where his character oscillates between being one of the most highly intelligent beings you're ever going to encounter to suddenly flipping to like a six-year old child. And you are stuck in a confined space with him. And he's at you. And you're trying not to blow your cool.

Ealy [whines]: But why? 

Urban: But why? Why? Why? Why? It's a lot of fun.

Ealy: It is. At the end of the day, the car scenes will help define the relationship because we talk about life and each other. A lot of walk and talks too. A lot of walk and talks where that kind of information -- character-defining, relationship- defining information -- comes out as well.

Urban: At the end of the day, this show is about fun. We want the audience to have fun.

Does Dorian ever get to drive?

Urban: I've only let him drive once. Only once.

Ealy: That was special.

Check out a fun sneak peek car banter exchange! 

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