'Allen Gregory' Season 1 Preview Guide: Jonah Hill Gets Animated
'Allen Gregory' Season 1 Preview Guide: Jonah Hill Gets Animated
His name says it all. Allen Gregory De Longpre (Jonah Hill) is more of a 42-year-old pompous man than his 7-year-old frame advertises. Allen Gregory season 1 plans to follow an eccentric young boy as he leaves the safe confines of homeschooling, and delves into the scary world of public elementary school.

What to Expect on Allen Gregory Season 1

Produced in part by two of the leading geniuses of the genre, Jonah Hill of Superbad and David A. Goodman of Family Guy, the new animated series set to premiere on Fox this fall seems to be a promising dose of cartoon comedy. Allen Gregory is an unusual 7-year-old, accustomed to associating with the social elite of the adult world than with children his own age. His activities of interest tend toward things like indulging in Pinot Grigio while discussing the latest novels in the finest restaurants around the world -- not participating in food fights and playing a game of soccer at recess.

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Allen Gregory season 1 will introduce us to the interesting young man and take us alongside his efforts to mingle with his peers. There are of course some entertaining speed bumps he will encounter, such as his epic crush on the rotund school principal, Mrs. Gottlieb (Renee Taylor), and the difficulty he will have making friends due to his heavily advanced vocabulary and adult-like demeanor.

Who knows, the show could be a dud. After all, Family Guy has definitely taken a turn for the worst, but David A. Goodman's original vision was epic. And if Allen Gregory De Longpre is anything like Stewie Griffin, I'll be watching him religiously.

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Allen Gregory Season 1 premieres October 30 at 8:30pm.

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