Soap Sneak Peeks: Spoilers for the Week of September 12
Soap Sneak Peeks: Spoilers for the Week of September 12
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Last week on daytime TV, the murder case of Skye Newman took center stage on The Young and the Restless while Project Orpheus was explored on All My Children. Viewers also learned about the identity of Chloe's mystery attacker on Days of Our Lives. This week, it's all about returning characters, shady proposals and on-going bitter rivals. Read on to find out more.

General Hospital Spoilers

The week kicks off with the highly anticipated return of Kate Howard to Port Charles. Kate, who was originally portrayed by Megan Ward and now played by Kelly Sullivan, has been missing on the canvas since October last year. She's expected to stir the drama as she bumps into ex-lover Sonny. On the other hand, Sonny has more to deal with, including Kristina's condition.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Victor proposes a deal to Billy that will release him from prison. Part of his condition, however, is to never see Victoria again. Meanwhile, evil plans are also being made all over Genoa: Tucker takes action to destroy Jabot even without Jack by his side, Genevieve wants to lash back at Colin and Jill, and Abby plots against Tucker in attempt to make him appear guilty.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers 

As Chloe slips into a coma, Bo and Hope continue working to find her attacker. They find DNA evidence at the scene of the crime that matches with Quinn, who is then arrested as the primary suspect. The real assailant, however, is Gus, who framed Quinn and is now pretending to be his friend. Elsewhere, EJ appears to be falling for Nicole yet again.

All My Children Spoilers 

Brooke (Julia Barr) returns to Pine Valley after taking off town with ex-husband Adam Chandler last year. But before that happens, Cara reveals some disturbing news to David while Kendall receives a text message from an anonymous person. JR also contemplates on leaving town.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers 

This week, it's Steffy vs. Hope once again. Disappointed about Hope and Liam's relationship, Steffy cooks up a plan to tear them apart. Hope, on the other hand, has nothing good to say about Steffy's lingerie line. She also becomes the target of controversy during a press conference. As Ridge finds himself in the middle of the catfight, Taylor realizes that the psychic reading is coming true.

One Life to Live Spoilers 

Jack is determined to find justice for Victor so he accuses Todd of the shooting. Meanwhile, Bo and John argue whether they should take Todd into custody. After Morris goes missing, Brody suspects Cutter has something to do with it. At the end of the week, Tea witnesses something shocking and someone ends up being arrested.

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