New ABC Daytime Shows Want You to Eat ... Then Get Skinny
New ABC Daytime Shows Want You to Eat ... Then Get Skinny
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
ABC shocked the known universe today with its announcement that soap opera staples All My Children and One Life to Live have been canceled. But it's not like ABC will leave a void in its daytime schedule, filled only with infomercials. Nope, ABC has new shows -- The Chew and The Revolution -- for our viewing pleasure. I'm just not sure that ABC realizes what kind of mixed message it's sending with these particular shows.

According to the official press release:

As food has become the center of everyone's life, "The Chew" will focus on food from EVERY angle -- as a source of joy, health, family ritual, friendship, breaking news, dating, fitness, weight loss, travel adventures and life's moments.

Food! More food! FOOD! The defining factor in all of life's moments... But The Revolution has a different plan:

The show is hosted by a team of experts (Tim Gunn, trainer Harley Pasternak and Kimberley Locke from American Idol) and rotating guest contributors who help viewers transform all areas of their lives, from relationships to family, food, style, home design, finance and more. Each week one woman's five-month weight loss journey will unfold in just five days.

Lose weight! Look better! Use dieting as a catalyst to make yourself perfect! Stop thinking about food all the time, except of course for when you watch The Chew!

It almost feels like ABC viewers will need to pick one show or the other. Or maybe The Revolution is truly revolutionary, presenting daytime viewers with the concept that they do not, in fact, need to be thin and perfect in order to find happiness in this life. Perhaps the simple enjoyment of life's pleasures, such as the food on The Chew, will be incorporated into a holistic glimpse into wellness.

But probably not.

It was so much easier just to watch the soaps.

Are you looking forward to The Chew and The Revolution? Does the cancellation of ABC's soap operas fill you with melodramatic rage? Do you think these two shows go well together or have conflicting interests? Let us know in the comments section!

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