'All My Children' High Five: May 3, 2011
'All My Children' High Five: May 3, 2011
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today's episode of All My Children.

High Five Highlights:

1. Janet escaped from the mental institution and has Amanda and Trevor held captive. She tells Amanda that she will kill both Natalia and Jake.

2. David confesses what he wants to Madison, but she is disgusted by him. Giving him a check to cover what he spent on her rent, she tells him she wants no part of his plan.

3. Erica becomes suspicious of Greenlee and demands to know whether she is Amandafan. Randi defends her and the situation is smoothed over.

4. Tad and Damon have a big confrontation and Damon demands to see DNA proof before he will believe Tad, but runs off before Tad can show him the test.

5. While Natalia tries to free Amanda, Jake comes home and is confronted by a gun-toting Janet.


- How do you think the writers are going to finish some of the ongoing storylines?

- Will David blackmail Madison?

The Last Word:

With Janet on the loose, this storyline is going to get hot very quickly. Will she carry through with her plan to kill Jake and Natalia or will she get caught and returned to the loony bin? With storylines starting to wrap up on the show, it is anyone's guess who will live and die these days. Whatever happens, watching loony Janet's obsessive Amanda fixation is entertaining. It is going to be interesting to see what happens with David and Madison. How will he change her mind?

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