"Age of Love" Runner-Up Wants to Use Fame to Help Women
"Age of Love" Runner-Up Wants to Use Fame to Help Women
Every cloud has a silver lining, and for Age of Love runner-up Jennifer Braff, the silver lining turned out to be getting the opportunity to achieve her ultimate goal of reaching out to women everywhere.

The 48-year-old model and executive assistant, who came close to winning tennis star Mark Philippoussis' heart on the NBC reality dating series Age of Love, is planning to use her newfound fame to help women both physically and emotionally.

Braff told Reality TV Magazine last month that she would like to host her very own makeover show for the “new 40's plus woman.”

“I know there are many women out there that want that,” she said.

She also hopes to put up a facility where women and children, who are victims of abuse, can go for help.

“I have a future goal to open a wellness center for women and children of violence and abuse,” Jennifer Braff said.  “I just really want to continue in any way to help people and have a productive, fulfilling, and happy life.”

At present, Braff is involved with numerous charitable efforts that help to support the Miller Children's Hospital in Long Beach.  Miller Children's Hospital is non-profit 281-bed hospital that provides medical care for children of all ages and expectant mothers.  Those who purchase the 2008 fashion calendar of Amore Fashions, of which Braff is an official spokesmodel, help support the hospital.

Jennifer Braff's appearance on Age of Love earned her her own fan base, thousands of whom sent her letters thanking her for helping them regain a sense of “sexiness, excitement and youthfulness back in their lives.”  In keeping with the her fans' demands, Braff has written two books, Cougar Dating: A Woman's Guide to Dating Men of All Ages, and I Am Cougar, Hear Me Roar: A Self-Help Autobiography, which serve as a guide on how women can bring back and preserve their youthfulness and sex appeal.

As for her love life post-Age of Love, Braff is currently seeing another younger man.  Her dating habits have been a source of both delight and anxiety for her son, Jon, but Braff said that he has been generally supportive of her, even when she decided to be on the show.

“He thought it was a great opportunity for me to be on the show,” she said.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Reality TV Magazine
(Image Courtesy of Amore Fashions)