Exclusive Video Interview with Adrian Pasdar on the Set of 'Heroes'
Exclusive Video Interview with Adrian Pasdar on the Set of 'Heroes'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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You probably already know that Nathan Petrelli is back for season 3 of Heroes. If you attended or read a detailed description of the first episode of the new season aired at Comic-Con, you might also know the circumstances under which Nathan survives the assassin's bullet. Whether you do or don't, it doesn't make it any less bizarre. Thankfully when BuddyTV visited the set of Heroes, we caught up with Adrian Pasdar to find out what's going on with Nathan's shocking survival and his journey in season 3.

Making matters even more confusing, we spoke to Pasdar shortly after he filmed a scene in a car between himself and Ali Larter, another actress who plays someone presumed dead at the end of season 2. Continue reading to watch out exclusive video interview and to read more amount our meeting with Adrian Pasdar.

Before getting to Heroes, it's worth nothing that Pasdar is nothing like his character. Some actors are just like their characters, but while Nathan Petrelli is somewhat stiff and boring, Pasdar is a ball of energy. After the interview, he took us on an impromptu tour of some of the Heroes sets, whisking through doors and halls at a breakneck speed.

But first, he spoke about the new season. Regarding the miraculous survival of Nathan Petrelli, Pasdar says that it's up for interpretation, and that what you believe is largely based on faith.

The key story arc for Nathan this season isn't just the issue of good vs. evil, as the subtitle “Villains” might indicate, but that there are also issues with parents and children. Adrian says that Nathan and Peter will have to choose between mother and father, and that will be their struggle throughout most of season 3. This makes sense, given that Cristine Rose (Angela Petrelli) has been bumped up to a series regular and Robert Forster was announced as a guest star playing the Petrelli patriarch.

Nathan's relationship with his parents is complicated, and season 3 will deal largely with the different paths Nathan's mother and father present, and which one he should choose. However, that's not to say one way leads to good and the other to evil. “This show works best when nobody's all good, and by the other side of that coin, when nobody's all bad,” Adrian said.

While he says that Nathan will share sees with many characters this season, the majority of that time will be with, as one might expect, the immediate Petrelli family alongside Rose and Milo Ventimigla. However, he'll also be spending a lot of time with Ali Larter, who plays Tracy Strauss this season. Who is Tracy Strauss? She's a political operative, and whether she's another personality of Niki or a totally separate person is unclear, though as far as Nathan Petrelli is concerned, she's Niki.

Finally, Adrian seems to coyly hint at the fact that Nathan might not be a hero, but a villain this season, and that he will be playing archnemesis to a “do-gooder.” How much you choose to read into Adrian's devilish smile when he says this is up to you, but it certainly sounds like more than just a hypothetical story.

Come back every Monday up to and including the season 3 premiere on September 22 for more exclusive video interviews and behind-the-scenes footage from BuddyTV's trip to the set of Heroes.

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