'American Idol' Recap: The Season 11 Top 24 Revealed and Finalized
'American Idol' Recap: The Season 11 Top 24 Revealed and Finalized
Last time we left American Idol, we were still waiting to hear the fate of Adam Brock. Did you have another sleepless night? Follow up question: was it because you were having waking nightmares about "White Chocolate" and the fear of him going "eeeeeheeeeyaaowww" in your ear kept you wide-eyed with the sheets pulled over your head? Just me? OK.

Adam was looking at a picture of his daughter backstage, and he wants more than anything to be a singer. Those statements were related in his head. Steven Tyler tells Adam that, of course, he is in the Top 24. Jennifer wipes tears from her eyes. Lucky for her Revlon makeup doesn't run! "Tell our daughter she's going to see her dad on TV!" Adam tells his wife. No, don't tell her that! That's embarrassing.

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AdamBrockonTV.jpgJeremy Rosado doesn't look it, but he's one of the young ones. I haven't cared for him one way or another, but this kid's got a voice that made the judges leap to their feet. The judges love Jeremy's energy, and seeing him cheer for everybody makes me like him, too. So, just in time, I'm happy to hear that Jeremy is in the Top 24.

Will there be enough room for Shannon Magrane? She is 16, and basically another version of White Chocolate. Yes, the girl's got a voice, but I'm still not sure about her. It seems like she's doing an impression of a good singer, you know? I liked her final solo, doing Kelly Clarkson's "The Trouble With Love Is," more than some of her performances before. It was more subdued, and showed some finesse. Shannon is in the Top 24, and I appreciate Steven not dragging things out. She went back to hug the rest of her freakishly tall family.

Hey, what the hell? I remember Scott Dangerfield from Season 10 but haven't seen a hot second of him yet this season. This guy and his Cosby sweater are definitely not in this year, just based on editing alone. Jennifer tells him she didn't feel "that thing" this year, and hopes to see him again next year. Thanks, Scott, we barely knew you in Season 11.

A couple more people we barely saw this season were eliminated before we got to someone we've come to care about. Skylar Laine is worried that with two country girls through, she might be done for. But she sounds like Reba! And she sang "Fancy"!!!! She moved instantly toward the top of my list with that. Skylar is in because she is too adorable and any excuse to play "Fancy" again! Skylar says she wants to jump into the water around them, but her mama would kill her. "Someone's got to," Steven says, with a cartoon lightbulb over his head.

Alright, Skylar Laine is pretty reminiscent of Lauren Alaina, so hopefully her star doesn't fade. Hallie Day, Chase Likens, and Aaron Marcellus are in with very little camera time to call their own. I love me some Aaron Marcellus, though, from what little we've been treated to.

I remember loving Deandre Brackensick last year, and I love him this year, too, in spite of his hair. He'd better be in this time! That voice is like buttah. Marvin Gaye/Aaron Neville realness! And he sang "This Woman's Work" at a time when it wasn't too manipulative. Good for him. He can't imagine not going through, and luckily for him he will not have to fathom it. He is in.

But lovable giant, Jermaine Jones, is still waiting in the wings. His voice is so, so low. And that sweater vest is so, so sleeveless. Yikes.

sweatervestnoshirt.jpgMade to wait way too long, Jermaine has begun to cry and pray, and pace about the room. He doesn't want to disappoint his mom! Awwww, Jermaine. Randy has more heart than to try to fake Jermaine out. Jermaine did not make it, but his mom will still love him. That one was hard!

There are three girls left in the holding room, and one spot left in the Top 12 Girls. Hollie Cavanaugh, Shelby Tweten, and Ariel Sprague all face the judges together. I'm sure they're all great, but I don't know any of them all that well, so they're all interchangeable to me. It seems like, based on how much we got to see of their solos, Hollie will take it. Ryan didn't even say Ariel's last name when talking about her audition. Hollie Cavanaugh is in, which means that there is a Hollie, a Hallie, and a Haley in the Top 12 Girls.

Last but not least, it's the two young heartthrobs, David Leathers Jr. and Eben Franckewitz. Ryan has also promised us "a surprise twist that everyone will have everyone talking." Oh boy, I don't know whether I can trust you on that, Ryan.

Which youngster will it be? Mr. Steal Your Girl or the kid who just barely resembles Justin Bieber and will forever be compared to him on this show as a result? David sang a Jackson 5 song for his final solo, and revealed a few pitch issues. Eben sang "You Are So Beautiful" and reminded me way more of Greyson Chance. He's great! I think it will be Eben, or both of them.

What I like about the younger contestants is that they almost seem to forget that they're going to be on TV, or that this is a show. They talk about the amazing opportunity to meet Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, and Steven Tyler, not the opportunity to be "on the show." I like this about them. In the end, Eben is through, and David will have to come back next year. They both look devastated, somehow. Eben sweetly hugs the judges and thanks them, respecting his elders.

EbenoverDavid.jpg"Keep that head up. Where's that chin?" Ryan tells David, demonstrating no paternal/human instincts whatsoever.

So there's the Top 24! But what's the surprise we'll all be talking about? Steven Tyler jumping into the water? Do you have your favorites? Anyone you're excited to see more of? Have you made any secret enemies yet? The live performances start next week on Tuesday!

In the end, the "twist that will have everyone talking" is the judges' decision to re-instate one guy into the competition, forming a Top 13 guys. It will be Jermaine Jones, Richie Law, David Leathers, or Johnny Keyser. I wonder why they would include Johnny Keyser, who was eliminated earlier in the process, in there unless it was actually him. I hope it's not, though. And I really hope it's not Richie! Terrible!

Who do you hope it is?

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