Twits on Twitter: 10 Celebrities Who Should Be Banned from Twitter
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Twitter makes our lives better and more connected in 140 characters or less. Unless, of course, you're one of these ten celebrities who've used and abused Twitter at their peril and our punishment.

If we could go all tribal council on Twitter, we'd ban these celebrities from ever logging-on and over-sharing again.

10. Erykah Badu (@FATBELLYBELLA)

The Grammy winning "Queen of Neo-Soul" is so connected to her followers, childbirth didn't even stop her from Tweeting. Really. This February Badu provided 140 character updates on her contractions, stopping only for the hard pushing.

Top Tweet Transgressions:
(02/01/09) "Morning, I'm in labor."
(02/01/09) "I can't believe it's over. Home birth, no painkillers, about five hours, she was a little past due date, but I didn't mind waiting. Breath."

9. Lisa Rinna (@LISARINNA)

Lisa Rinna's Twitter feed is the mundane musings of a Hollywood mom, which in its own right isn't worth banning. However, every once in a while she'll slip a Tweet in there that makes us want to vomit in our mouths. Her feed is pure Twitter roulette, and because you never know if you're going to get a blank or a bullet, she should be banned.

Top Tweet Transgressions:

(10/01/09) Random but- sooner or later the Paps are gonna get me as I come out of a workout sportin a camel toe- that is my fear! TMI I know!

8.  Jessica Simpson (@Jessicasimpson)

Jessica Simpson's Twitter is exactly what you'd expect from a woman who gained fame for her ditzy blonde persona and wondering if tuna was in fact Chicken of the Sea. Her Twitter is an exercise in over-sharing, especially about her bodily functions and defending her little sister.

Top Tweet Transgressions:

(11/2/09) Catching up on MP. who writes this crap? i have had some bad scripts to work with, but this? thank God my sister is amazing and got you some press.
(11/26/09) I have indigestion! I'm praying that my last 'thank you' on my list will be for a calm stomach! God I love Texan family cooking though! Burp

7. P Diddy  (@IAMDIDDY)

Because Diddy's immense ego seems somehow larger when constrained to 140 characters. It's all champagne, caviar, fake deep thoughts, cheesy daily mantras, and "breaking news" (about his own clothing line and vodka) on this feed.That is, when he's not making the venal sin of messing with Supernatural related trending topics.

Top Tweet Transgressions:
(12/31/09): Make sure you go to the store to get your bottle of ciroc!!!! And order it at the bar and at your table tonight let's go!!!!
(1/7/10): BREAKING NEWS! Check out the new high fashion designer ear buds that I partnered with Dr. Dre to create.The ultimate audio experience (cont) This here is big! This is music history..... Let's Go!!!!!!!!!!!!! For all the details click here--->
(1/10/10): What today will be like is up to me. I get to choose what kind of day I will have!

6. Aaron Carter (@aaroncarter7)

Aaron has a major problem with the Caps Lock Key--or he's actually shouting his mostly self-promotional Tweets. He also thinks there is a Twitter conspiracy against him ever becoming a trending topic.

Top Tweet Transgressions:
(1/9/10) Twitter must be blocking me from making trending topics!! I personally counted the amount myself? Hmmm they should do something about it! :)
(1/12/10) I love telling random people about my NEW SINGLE "DANCE WITH ME" In gas station's and 711's LOL They're always shocked when they my voice!

5. Kim Kardashian (@KIMKARDASHIAN)

Because Kim Kardashian makes more Tweeting in a month than most of us do in a year. Summer blockbusters contain fewer product placements than Kim's sell-out Twitter feed, and her "I'm just an average girl" (who makes $10,000 a Tweet) routine has worn thinner than QuikTrim will ever make you.

Top Tweet Transgressions:

(1/7/10) I shared all my weight loss and workout secrets with @okmagazine for this week's issue! What do u think of the cover?
(1/13/10) I'm live right now at my Carls Jr Facebook lunch! @KhloeKardashian is upstairs, tweet her to come down!

4. John Mayer (@JohncMayer)

Few celebrities have embraced Twitter like John Mayer, who spouts off on any and every topic that crosses his smug, "I'm so funny!" brain. Mayer is a compulsive over-sharer. Just broke up with Jennifer Aniston? I'll tweet about it! Penis fell asleep! I'll tweet about it! No topic is sacred or off-limits for Mayer, and despite numerous threats to quit or lay off the updates, he still has Twitter in an uncomfortably close embrace.

Top Tweet Transgressions:

(03/09): BREAKING CELEBRITY NEWS: I was sitting with my legs crossed for too long and my penis fell asleep
(03/16/09) This heart didn't come with instructions.
(11/07/09) If you're shocked that Britney was lip-syncing at her concert and want your money back, life may continue to be hard for you.
(12/31/09) By not micro-trading in my emotional stock value every second of the day, I may just end up seeing the bigger, beautiful picture.

3. Spencer Pratt (@spencerpratt) and Heidi Montag (@heidimontag)

We're in support of an all-out ban on Spencer and Heidi, but we'd happily start with their self-promoting, God-talkin', fake-tan shout-out Twitters. It seems every other Tweet by this despicable duo is promoting something. To make terrible matters worse, and they are constantly @ing each other. Keeping in line with their offline personas, Spencer's Tweets are obnoxiously cocky, while Heidi's are painfully dumb and self-absorbed.

Top Tweet
(10/09/09) since miley cyrus left twitter i guess that makes me the most Famous person in the twitterverse! I will be throwing myself a party tonight!
(12/19/09) Get ready for Pratt Productions to hit in 2010!!! @heidimontag and I have some AWESOME new shows!!!

(1/5/10) Please help spread my trending topics: #heidimontag #superficial_album
(1/9/10) just got the best spray tan! I haven't been tan is so long! I wish it would last forever, maybe one day

2. Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan)

Where does one even begin with the countless reasons that Lindsay should be banned from Twitter? Following her feed, you get the distinct feeling some of these Tweets will later be used in a court of law as evidence. Whether she's telling us about her failed fashion line, reminding us she once dated Samantha Ronson, or claiming that the crazy will soon stop, Lohan's Twitter is as equally large a train wreck as the starlet herself.

Top Tweet Transgressions:

(04/06/09): @samantahronson I was right all along. Cheat. Being cheated on does wonders to you. I'm doing this publicly because u&ur friends call People. So you win, you broke my heart. Now go away. I loved you.'
(12/27/09) i need MORE followers i am so sad about this, how can i tell everyone about my 6126 full collection COMING OUT! all clothing
(1/1/10) 2010 is about moving forward, not backwards. Leaving the bad (people, habbits, and negative energy behind) time to make changes-right!?!? :)

Before we get to the number one celebrity who should be banned from Twitter (and the rest of the internet) for all of eternity, did we mention that BuddyTV has a Twitter that will never, ever be used in a way that make you wish Twitter didn't exist? Follow us @BuddyTV!

1. Tila Tequila (@OFFICIALtila)

Every Tila tweet is an example of why she should be banned from Twitter--and the internet in general--permanently. It makes sense that a woman who became famous for her Myspace profile has taken to Twitter like a fly to garbage, and it's just about as classy.

Tila has always been a prolific Tweeter, but she's kicked it into disgusting overdrive with the death of her "wifey" Casey Johnson. Tila broke the news of the heiress' death on Twitter, Tweeted photos of her crying for her wifey (see right), and begged users to RT every pathetic self-serving interview she's given. Late last Thursday, Tila took to Twitter to announce that she's pregnant by an Afghan war hero and to rant like she was Nostradamus (in 140 characters or less) about the end of the world. Tila's Twitter crimes started long before Casey died or she announced she was God's Angel, but her Twitter offenses of the past week and perhaps last night alone should earn her a lifetime ban.

This Week's Top Tweet Transgressions:

(1/14/10) Casey Please Come Back Home! - =Retweet
(1/14/10) These words I NEVER speak, however right now, its time to reveal myself. Time is running out & I am afraid for the sad loss of all mankind.
(1/14/10) So you guys REALLY want 2 know the truth. That's the truth that I can't speak, however a lot of ppl cannot handle the truth. You are hurting an Angel.
(1/14/10) I have a baby growing inside of me now, & that is my new happiness in life. Happiness is something hard to find, but then again. not really.
(1/15/10) Ps-I'm just happy cuz the baby's father is a AMERICAN HERO! Served in the US ARMY 4 10 years & fought war in Afgan & got shot. He survived.

Proof that Tila should have been given the Twitter pink-slip long before Casey Johnson died:

(07/06/09) oh and dont let me tell u about TAXES! Did you know that it is NOT a law that you HAVE TO PAY TAXES? Wow..hold up..droppin 2 much knowledge.

For your Twitter ease:

Twits on Twitter: 10 Celebrities who should never Tweet again:

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