Exclusive Interview with Rikki of A Double Shot at Love, Part 2
Exclusive Interview with Rikki of A Double Shot at Love, Part 2
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
We're still in shock that Trevor chose Vikki over Rikki in last night's Double Shot At Love finale...and we're not the only one. Rikki was completely in shock too. Wouldn't you be if the guy had already declared his love for you and then chose your twin sister? Maybe Trevor still can't tell the Ikkis apart.

In our second part of our exclusive interview with Rikki, the loosing twin discusses life after A Double Shot at Love, what it's like to see someone she loved dating her twin sister, and let's us know what's next for Rikki Ikki.


I was totally shocked by the outcome, so I was wondering if you were shocked by the outcome?

Oh, of course.

After Trevor said he loved me, I thought that I had him won pretty much and I could just focus on maybe just developing a stronger connection with Rebekah. And that would be my regret, not building our love for each other and just kind of pushed it aside and started working on Rebekah and Scottie. But he said he loved me and I couldn't wait to tell him, you know, that I love you too. But I didn't want to say anything until everything was said and done. I didn't want to say anything while I was still dating Rebekah, while I was still dating Scottie because I thought that was unfair to everybody. And while Vikki was still dating them as well, that was just unfair to seal my victory or whatever, when it wasn't over yet.

So I guess I could kind of regret not letting him know that, but I mean in the situation I had to go with it.

Vikki in the background: Do you still feel that way?

Rikki to Vikki: No. I didn't love him at that point, but I was falling in love with him and I didn't tell him.

So, then we do our last chance dates, but he kind of takes it back. And I was, of course, heart-broken. Because I thought this is going to be the date where we are excited about tomorrow and picking each other and knowing it for sure. And then it kind of knocked me off my pedestal a little bit. I was way too confident with both Rebekah and Trevor and it kind of like, "why do I think I am so much more deserving than Vikki is?" Because she has just as equal a shot as I do. And for the first time I thought it was a fair game, because before I thought I was totally winning everything. If you would call it winning...

So then, after our date, I thought maybe I should just pick Rebekah because Trevor is obviously not going to pick me. But after thinking about it for awhile, I was like that's just not fair. Because he although he did say he didn't mean to say it that soon, I knew that at one point he did feel like he loved me. And at that point that was more than what Rebekah had given me anyways. Because she had never even said she thinks she loves me. So it was still really hard to figure out who I was going to pick, Rebekah or Trevor. But for some reason, at that point in time my heart was saying go with Trevor. And that might be another regret, obviously if I had known he was going to pick Vikki I might have rethought that decision. But, everything happens for a reason. And it didn't work out with Rebekah, if it didn't work out with Rebekah regardless of Trevor...it's just complicated. I'm sorry, I'm stuttering.

No, no. I imagine it's incredibly complicated. Falling in love in general is pretty incredibly complicated, so what you guys had to deal with I imagine was incredibly stressful.

Yeah, especially because Vikki and I didn't talk about anything that was going on at that point, at all anymore. And when Trevor did say he he loved me I thought I don't know, maybe he told Vikki the same thing. Like it doesn't necessarily mean that I am going to be the one that he picks. And as far as Rebekah goes she hadn't said I love you to me, but I was like maybe she hasn't said it yet to Vikki either and she's waiting till the end to say.

There's just so many other factors besides just the fact you are feeling so strong for these people. As far as Tila went, she wasn't really having to be insecure about what she was going to do, because she was the only one. And with Vikki and I, it was like on top of everything else we were both hoping that each other would find love as well, but both wanting it ourselves so bad. And it was time to start looking out for each others best interest and just look for yourself. But it was so hard, because you want your sister to be happy when you're happy. And if she didn't get picked and I did, that would be just as devastating as me not getting picked. Well I don't know actually, because that didn't happen. But I'm assuming it would have been equally as hard.

When you guys started were you worried you might both fall for the same person?

No. It's still weird, because for some reason I thought it would be obvious who likes who and out of the contestants which ones liked which one of us and which one we liked. In the beginning it was. In the beginning we kind of chose, but then we all started to get to know each other. And you stop thinking about focusing your energy on one person and you just open your hearts to anything. That's when I started thinking maybe this could happen, that we would fall in love with the same people. And that was like way too late in the game to even do anything about it.

Is there any tension between you and Vikki right now? Is it difficult between you two right now? Is it something you're working through or is just bygones be bygones?

It's strange too because up until the last episode (episode 7) there wasn't really any tensions. But I don't really know because of this episode or because we'd just filmed the reunion and everything got stirred up again. Like you feel like you're living it again.

But yeah, we talked about the whole Trevor thing and it was weird. Because she was like, "maybe he does love you, but you didn't say it back when he said it. So he would have chosen you." And I'm like, "Well it doesn't matter--what if, what if, what if. Ultimately he fell in love with two people and he chose which one would be best for him, and that was you." But it's also, I could imagine, confusing for her now that she's seeing how it really played out between me and him; there was obviously something there. And that's why I think when that part aired (when Trevor told Rikki he loved her) that she left the room, because she didn't want to see that. Because if you do see that, how are you supposed to look at the person that you love in the same way, after knowing they were that way with your sister. You know?

Yeah, I can't even imagine. I was watching that and I just thought, what are those girls doing right now together? If you were watching it together? I don't know if I would be talking to my sister today if that had gone down and we had watched it together. I can't imagine how difficult that would be.

It is really hard, but at the same time we're excited to both hang out with Trevor. Because like up until the reunion filming, I hadn't talked to Trevor, seen Trevor, or anything. And so there is still a lot of stuff that hasn't been talked about yet, so it's still very raw feeling. So that was kind of hard, because it was the first time discussing this with him. But we're both really excited to stop looking at the past and talking about the past and looking for the future. And I really think Trevor is a great guy and I can't wait to go out with him and Vikki. And go to the beach and hang out, and get to know him as her boyfriend--rather than the guy I fell in love with. The guy that rejected me. Because right now that's just what it is, but in the future it's going to be something different.

So, speaking of Trevor, the first time you saw him after the finale was it incredibly awkward?

Um, yeah. It was really awkward. It was on stage, like on camera. Vikki and him were sitting there as the happy couple and they introduced me and I went up there. And I think he tried to hug me--no he didn't try to hug me--but it was just weird. I was sitting at the completely other end of the couch. And it was especially awkward too, because if Vikki had gotten up and left for that segment and I could have just talked to him. But like I said Vikki is just sitting right there, so it's kind of like I can't really get any closure; because my sister is sitting right there and they're in love. And it's just uncomfortable to ask him questions about what happened between me and him in front of her.

So I just kind of sat there all pissed off. I wish I had a chance to ask him, without her being there, about some things. So that's what I look forward to doing... No, I don't even know if I want to. If I seem him again, I may just forget about it, like bygones you know? There's nothing he can say. And it's not like I can win him over, or whatever. And I wouldn't even want to...that would be so wrong in so may ways.

Yeah, I understand a wish for closure though and it's difficult when maybe that isn't possible.

Yeah and he kind of told me, it was just after he said he loved me, he felt like I kind of withdrew a little bit. And I can understand saying I love you to somebody puts you in a very vulnerable situation and I got out of the bed and put him on the couch and didn't really talk about it with him. So I can understand why he would think that I wasn't feeling the same way.

Do you know if Trevor has gotten angry over anything he's watched?

I haven't talked to Trevor at all. He did say to Vikki, after the Josh episode "I can't believe you liked Josh that much, I never knew. Are you mad at me for telling on him because he got kicked off?"

So then, what's next for you Rikki?

I'm not necessarily excited to be single, but I am excited to be allowed to be single. Because, obviously I didn't find love from the show. And in my life when I get rejected, I find the first available rebound and go for it. To make me feel worthy again or something. And that's not healthy. But it's been really tough the last couple months to not have anyone to call or to even know that it's there, like Vikki hasn't been able to see Trevor either, but she knows that he's there and they have conversations. And she has somebody. And I have been with nobody and not even able to look. So I'm really excited to be able to be back out there.

And I'm actually kind of grateful for these last three months because it gave me sometime to think about what I want. And you know not do the normal rebound thing that I do, but actually be single for a while and learn about myself before I try to fall in love again.

Well I really wish you the best of luck with that. And I hope you find someone really special, however you find them.

Thanks, I do too. It seems so much easier when we were younger, and now that we're getting older it's like "why is this so hard to find somebody these days?"

--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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