'A Gifted Man' Season 1 Preview Guide: She Keeps Appearing
'A Gifted Man' Season 1 Preview Guide: She Keeps Appearing
This September, CBS will air a new show that is all about the supernatural. On A Gifted Man season 1, a snarky but successful surgeon receives a visit from his ex-wife one night, only to find out the next day that she died two weeks earlier. With his "special gift," his ex's spirit begins to visit him frequently, teaching him that the true meaning of life is found through the generosity of helping others.

What to Expect on A Gifted Man Season 1

Doctor Michael Holt (Patrick Wilson) is the "not-so-nice" type of guy who can accomplish almost any surgery, no problem. He lives a life of luxury thanks to his job, but everything changes one night when he is suddenly visited by his ex-wife, Anna (Jennifer Ehle). They have dinner, catching up on everything they've missed together, and Michael begins to have feelings for her again. The next day, he decides to call her at her job to talk with her for a bit, but quickly finds from out from one of her former employees that Anna had passed away two weeks prior.

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His ex's spirit begins to visit him regularly, first asking him to visit the clinic where she used to work as a doctor. In order to help keep it running, he decides to do so, and after visiting the clinic, Michael starts to open up and help others. He has seen past his own life of luxury and is now concerned with the families that are less fortunate than him and in need of help. His attitude begins to change as he starts to value life on a completely different level.

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As his sister, Christina (Julie Benz), says, "This is a gift, Michael." And it truly is, as Michael slowly becomes a new person at heart.

If this sounds like the show for you, make sure to tune in to CBS on Friday, September 23, at 8/7c for the premiere of A Gifted Man season 1.

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