90210: Little Sammy is Destined to Have Amazing Sideburns
90210: Little Sammy is Destined to Have Amazing Sideburns
I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds the adults on the new 90210 much more interesting than the teenagers.  It worries me that Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty are only signed on for a limited number of episodes, because their scenes together bring the show to life in a way that the boring Noxzema teens can only aspire to. 

Last night's episode finally revealed that the father of Kelly's child is none other than bad boy Dylan McKay, and it may have been the first time I audibly gasped while watching 90210.  I thought for sure that Brandon was going to be the baby daddy, mainly due to Kelly's tale about Sammy's father doing charity work around the globe, as well as the fact that Jason Priestley has to be easier to book on the show than Luke Perry.  I'm not sure we'll ever see Sammy's father return to Beverly Hills, but I'd much rather see that storyline than witness Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) moping over her parental drama.

Looking back, it does make sense that Dylan would be the father.  It's hard to imagine Brandon ever running out on a little tyke, as he's a fairly stand-up guy.  The question that remains is exactly where Dylan is and what he's up to.  Brenda implied that Kelly needed to get her story straight after she told Mr. Matthews about Dylan's charity work, which leads me to believe that he's not traveling around the globe working for Unicef.  Could he be in jail?  That's my best guess, and it also makes for an easy explanation as to why he won't be returning to Beverly Hills.

The Dylan bombshell may have been the most memorable moment of the episode, but the grown-ups had some other awesome scenes as well.  Jessica Walter once again ran away with the show as Tabitha took over directorial duties on Spring Awakening.  Whether she was belting out "Mama Who Bore Me" or telling the girls to sing like their crotches were on fire, she was completely delightful.  I'd watch an entire spin-off revolving around Tabitha and her drunken actress pals.  It could be like Sex and the City for the sexagenarian set.  I also loved Brenda's "Donna Martin Graduates" reference, and am starting to find the screwed up marriage between Naomi's parents somewhat interesting.

While that stuff was great, the rest of the episode was a bit of a snooze.  Raise your hand if you care at all about the Naomi-Ethan-Annie love triangle.  Anyone?  I'm also tired of seeing Naomi react to her parental drama.  She certainly has a right to be traumatized by the bizarre antics of her parents, but I'd much rather see her being the bitch of West Beverly High.  This show is in desperate need of an Emily Valentine or Valerie Malone, otherwise the teen storylines are going to become unbearably dull.

If 90210 refuses to get a bitch injection, the least it can do is devote more time to Kelly, Brenda and Tabitha.  They're the real stars of the show so far, and the producers would be wise to put them in every episode as much as possible.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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