'666 Park Avenue' Recap: Revelations and Apparitions
'666 Park Avenue' Recap: Revelations and Apparitions
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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Henry's relationship with Gavin threatens to derail his career. Jane learns more about Nona. And Annie turns to Gavin for help in dealing with Kandinsky.

Guilt by Association

Henry's boss, Commissioner Pike (Jose Zuniga), and an assistant district attorney suspect Henry is feeding Gavin inside information to give him an advantage in his business dealings. Henry maintains his innocence. Henry is given the opportunity to clear his name if he uses his friendship with Gavin as a way to procure documents that could guarantee the tycoon goes to jail. When Henry refuses, his is given a day to think about it. "We don't want to ruin you," says Pike.

The Break-Up

Henry meets with Gavin to tell him that he doesn't think they should see each other until the investigation is over. Gavin informs Henry that his boss has been engaging in some questionable, if not illegal, activities of his own. Henry still seems dubious. He asks Gavin why he's been so nice to himself and Jane. "Because I see something in you, something I haven't seen in a long time," Gavin answers. "The gifts, the flattery, the VIP access to all New York has to offer. At what point do you expect me to start paying you back?" Ouch. Realizing that he is indeed a world-class sucker, Henry leaves. Gavin states, "Careful, Henry, you walk through that door, things change." Olivia tells Gavin he may have to abandon the plans he has for Henry.

Nona, Interrupted

Nona, who appears to be living alone, meets with a psychiatrist named Ingrid (Wendy Moniz). Nona does her best to convince Ingrid that she is "cured." No sooner do the words leave the girl's mouth, Nona notices Ingrid's sunglasses. After agreeing to meet again when Nona's grandmother is present, the shrink leaves and Nona puts on the woman's sunglasses.

Are Those New?

On the way downstairs in the elevator, Nona runs into Jane, who comments on how much she likes Nona's shades. When they arrive in the lobby, Ingrid is still in the building. Nona quickly hides the glasses. Ingrid asks Nona about them, saying she can't find them anywhere. Doorman Tony says the building thief strikes again. Jane offers to keep an eye out, and Ingrid describes the missing glasses. Jane quickly realizes they are the exact pair Nona was wearing in the elevator.

To Catch a Thief

Jane goes to Nona's apartment and asks to speak to her grandmother, who Nona says is in Atlantic City. Jane holds up flyers of missing items and asks the girl if she recognizes any of them. When Nona doesn't come clean, Jane takes a more direct approach and demands that Nona return the items that she stole. Still playing innocent, Nona acts incredulous. "Yeah, next time you want to hide your criminal activity, don't wear the evidence." Jane says.

After Jane threatens to set up a meeting between herself, Olivia and Nona's grandmother, Nona finally relents. She denies taking Jane's necklace, but admits she might know where the other items are located. A bag full of the missing items mysteriously appears at the front desk. However, Jane returns Ingrid's sunglasses in person and is able to uncover some information about Nona's past.

Girl Gone

While Jane isn't playing Nancy Drew, she continues to try to open the suitcase. Again, the mysterious little girl (Ursula Parker) appears in Jane's apartment. Startled, Jane gasps loudly. "Shhhh, he'll hear me," the girl says. When Jane asks who, the girl looks over at the suitcase. And just like that, she disappears. Jane takes the suitcase and puts it on the top shelf of her closet. This just reinforces the stereotype that boogeymen do indeed reside in closets. Little does she realize the case is slowly opening itself.

To See or Not to See

Henry sneaks into the Dorans apartment and downloads a file regarding Gavin's latest development deal. He notices a file on the desktop labeled with Jane's name and his own. He downloads that as well.
Back Scratching 101

Annie's not-so-fictitious villain is holding her captive, trying to find out who told her about him. Although she swears she made the whole thing up and offers to print a retraction, Kandinsky remains unsatisfied. In a desperate act, Annie gives Kandinsky the name of her boss, Ned, as her source. While her captor is out, presumably eviscerating Annie's editor, she is able to escape. She immediately heads to Ned's home and discovers his dead body. She  receives a phone call from Kandinsky telling her that she's next. A desperate Annie turns to Gavin for help. He tells her he can make Kandinsky go away, if she writes an article about the City Planning Commission.

Visions of Dead Things Dance In Her Head

On their way to a party at the mayor's house, Jane and Henry run into Nona. As they are getting out of the elevator, Nona trips and grabs on to Henry for support. She has a vision of Henry getting shot. As Henry goes to hail a cab, Nona tells Jane to keep Henry away from the man with the compass tattoo. She says he is dangerous, has a gun and is going to hurt Henry.

Hey, That Smoke Looks Familiar

Tony is delivering a package when he hears a strange sound coming from Henry and Jane's apartment. As if hypnotized, he enters their home and heads straight for the closet and the mystery suitcase. He lays the suitcase on the bed and opens it. A huge puff of black smoke emerges (Lost, anyone?) Then all of a sudden, Tony is back out in the hall as if it were all a dream.

Party Animals

At the party, Olivia confronts Henry about cooperating in the investigation against him. Unaware of her boyfriend's predicament, Henry pulls Jane aside to explain. Henry still hasn't looked at the files he downloaded. Jane asks Henry what he's going to do. She encourages him not to let anyone intimidate him.

666 Park Avenue still fails to deliver thrills or chills. Let's hope all this endless foreplay leads to the good stuff soon.

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