'666 Park Avenue' Recap: So I Axe Murdered My Wife
'666 Park Avenue' Recap: So I Axe Murdered My Wife
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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Henry enjoys the perks of being a hero. Olivia and Gavin throw a lavish Halloween party at The Drake. Someone is threatening Gavin. And Jane finds herself in mortal danger.

How to Succeed in Politics Without Really Trying

Henry appears on a local TV show to discuss how he saved Commissioner Pike. He meets Laurel Harris (Tessa Thompson), a media consultant, who approaches Henry with an idea on how to capitalize on his 15 minutes of fame. "I can take your 15 minutes and make it a lifetime," she says. Henry feigns disinterest. It's already clear he has political ambition. Later, Laurel shows up at the Halloween soiree and offers Henry some advice: "Being modest on TV makes you look appealing. Being too modest in person makes you seem weak." She tells him she's not buying his "aw, shucks" attitude and believes him to be very driven.

Playing Doctor

Brian comes home to find his wife being fondled by a stranger. The man turns out to be fellow resident and MD, Dr. Scott Evans (Enrique Murciano). Louise says she has sore ribs and when the good doctor noticed her wince in the elevator, he offered to make a house call. That a medical doctor would offer to give a patient a free massage is the least believable thing on this show so far. Louise shows some very subtle (and unsuccessful) drug-seeking behavior when she hints around about getting a prescription for pain. Louise retreats to the bathroom where she takes several pills, which we can only assume are pain killers. It looks like she isn't fully recovered from being mauled by the building's elevator.

Look Both Ways Before Crossing

While Olivia and Gavin are out shopping, Gavin receives a text stating that he will pay for all he has done. Out of nowhere, a black SUV comes speeding right towards Olivia, who even in expensive heels and with a phone pressed to her ear manages to jump out of the way. Gavin receives another message after the incident. This one states that next time he won't miss. The mystery homicidal maniac is also polite enough to RSVP for the party, in spite of not receiving an invite.

Green-Eyed Monster

Alexis shows up at Brian and Louise's apartment dressed as a very naughty nurse. Since Louise is conveniently in the shower, Alexis takes the opportunity to apologize for "getting all psycho on Brian. " She tells him that she thought they had a connection. It is strange she would think that, since he watches her undress and later she kisses him as she gets out of the shower. Turns out it's only a kiss, although it could be interpreted as more. She also returns the key she had made to get into the apartment. Talk turns to the handsome doctor. Alexis tells Brian that Louise has seen Dr. Evans many times, which doesn't jive with the story Brian got from his wife. Alexis says that Louise probably didn't say anything, because she doesn't want Brian to worry.

Party Crasher

The suitcase specter is revealed to be a man from 1929 who bludgeoned and killed his wife. Before she died, she was able to walk into her daughter's room where the child was hiding under the bed. She gave her the same locket that now adorns Jane's neck. The creepy Matrix meets Men In Black guy spots it and says, "I like your necklace." After Jane and Henry exit the elevator, the creep guy heads to the basement. Turns out he has hidden some mementos in one of the air vents, one of which being a hatchet.

See Jane Run

Jane spills a drink on her costume and goes upstairs to change. There, she is startled by the little girl. Jane asks the girl what she wants. The spirit tells Jane, "He got out." When Jane asks who, she says, "Daddy." Jane pulls the suitcase out from under the bed and opens it, only to find it empty. After a little digging, she finds a newspaper article from 1929 in the lining that reports a man named Peter Kramer (Jim True-Frost) killed his wife. Jane recognizes the man in the picture as the same man in the elevator.

Gas Masks are the New Hockey Mask

A mysterious stranger in a gas mask catches Olivia alone at the party and gases her. Then he cuts all the power off in the building. The kidnapper calls Gavin. He accuses Gavin of enjoying playing games with people's lives. He asks how it feels to be on the other end. The masked stranger takes something from Gavin's safe. Gavin finds Olivia still unconscious out on the terrace of their penthouse.

Dead Man's Party

As Jane researches Peter Kramer on her computer, she hears some loud creaking noises. She comes face to face with the malevolent spirit, who appears determined to recreate that fateful night in 1929. She manages to escape. She runs into a party-goer in the hallway and asks to use his phone (Ghostbusters?). Peter Kramer puts a hatchet in the guy's back and continues after Jane, who has fled again. She manages to put some distance between herself and her pursuer when she escapes in an old dumbwaiter. Jane then calls Henry for help. Peter finds Jane and busts down the door. She asks him why he's trying to kill her, and he says he has to save her. He strikes, hits the wall and all the building's birds fly out and attack him.

666 Park Avenue remains more style than substance. Although, tonight's episode is the most action-packed since the series began. The most shocking thing about 666 Park Avenue is that it hasn't been axed yet.

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