VIDEOS: 'Office,' '30 Rock,' and Betty White Raps on 'Community'
VIDEOS: 'Office,' '30 Rock,' and Betty White Raps on 'Community'
Ben Watson
Ben Watson
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If there is one thing that NBC does right, it is Thursday night comedies. The peacock network has long championed some of TV's best sitcoms. The jury is still out on whether or not their new effort Outsourced will be the next buzzy show like Community, or an unfortunate misfire like Kath & Kim. Either way NBC still has a solid lineup of comedies that has kept me tuning in all these years.

Here are some clips, interviews and deleted scenes from last night's best three comedies: The Office, 30 Rock and Community.

The Office

Before I get to the videos, did anyone notice the new opening credits? I usually fast forward through them, but as I was manning my DVR I noticed the new extended opening credits. Last year they added Ed Helms to the credits (no doubt in response to his success on The Hangover), but this season everyone gets their due. It is a good thing they are finally promoting the supporting cast because they will be carrying the show next season.

The first video is a deleted scene that fills us in on what (poor) Toby has been up to during his summer break. We also get some insight into the new and improved Kevin. Forget Ryan's website WUPHF (it is real, I checked), I want to ready Toby's novel, Event at Mystery Cove!

The next video is a real treat because we get to see Angela Kinsey (Angela) and Jenna Fischer (Pam) interview each other. Kinsey promises a real "wing-dinger" of a season (whatever that means).  

30 Rock

Here is a clip of a highlight from last night's episode. Tracy is hallucinating and seeing Kenneth all over the place. Oh, and to answer Frank's "would you rather" question. "Did I do that?"

Also, just a heads up to hard core 30 Rock fans. NBC is holding a contest to award two free tickets (air fare and hotel included) to be in the audience of the live taping of 30 Rock next month! Click here to enter. 


And finally to Community. Here is a quick clip from last night where Pierce informs us what the most important tool for a society is. To Pierce's credit, he did give us fair warning.

And for the grand finale, here is a can't miss clip of Betty White rapping along with Abed and Troy. Consider this clip as "Exhibit: A" for why this show is so awesome. 

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