Thursday Night Comedy Club: Liz Lemon Can't Be Cool
Thursday Night Comedy Club: Liz Lemon Can't Be Cool
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Here we are again, comedy pals! Last night was another solid one when it came to yuckin' it up, even doubly so for me, because instead of staying in and watching these shows when they aired, I went to an actual comedy club and saw the very funny comedian Kyle Kinane do live comedy. It is his job, and he is way too good at it. (He has a Comedy Central Presents coming out soon. Watch it. You will like it.) And then, when I got home, I had all these hilarious recorded TV shows waiting for me. Sometimes life is just a chuckle-fest, you know?

Speaking of people who are too good at their jobs of making us laugh: Community, 30 Rock and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia have been on some real hot streaks lately, haven't they? After last night's "Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design," I came to the conclusion that Community is revolutionizing how much funny you can stuff into 22 minutes. And 30 Rock is at the top of the field when it comes to pretty much telling the same story over and over ("Liz Lemon can't be cool!") but making it feel new and great each time. Any Sunny episode all about Charlie is great, and last night's "Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats" was no exception.

Full disclosure, I haven't watched The Office's "" yet, but maybe you did, so you be the blog: What did you think of it?

Here are the highlights of those other shows I just mentioned, plus quotes and videos:

Community, "Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design"
Blanket fort city. Professor Professorson. Time Desk. Tiny exploding cars. "The Turkish district." Teaching lessons using prop guns that turns into teaching lessons about prop guns. Everything about Community last night, from the confusing conspiracy A-plot, to the silly blanket fort B-plot, to all the tiny details (the Night School class names, especially) was unbelievable ... unbelievably FUN! And for those of us who watched Rubicon, it was a fitting tribute to that weaving, confusing, but ultimately awesome (and canceled too soon!) conspiracy series.

Best Quotes:
"We're having a bio-diorama-rama." - Annie
"Enjoy eating fiber and watching The Mentalist." - Troy
"You are going to Nancy Screw me out of my credit." - Jeff
"Did you just mispronounce et cetera?" - Jeff
"Puffs of hot air from the lips of a ghost in the shadow of a unicorn's dream." - Professor Professorson
"Welcome to Fluffytown. No smoking, no farting, no pillow fights." - Abed
"Once it was obvious the Dean had orchestrated everything, it was even more obvious that the Dean is not capable of orchestrating anything." - Jeff
"Would that this hoodie were a time hoodie!" - Dean Pelton
"Wanna build a cardboard submarine?" - Abed / "Get out of my brain." - Troy

30 Rock, "College"
We once again got a glimpse into Jack and Liz's pasts, and realize that, for all their differences, they both harbor a delusional nostalgia for a time gone by: Jack was too busy working during college to appreciate it, while Liz only got a brief, fleeting taste of coolness during freshman year. Of course, "College" didn't lay on the sentimentality in such a stark and obvious way. Instead, Liz attempts to recapture those good old days by bribing her staff, who, like her fellow freshmen, don't fully appreciate her efforts because they're unnatural and false (damn those lactose intolerant alcoholics!), while Jack, thinking he missed out on the "real college experience," misplaces his angst by trying to undermine the microwave department, which he thinks is doing too well without his guidance. Meanwhile, Frank and the writers, perpetual college boys, prank Pete using Jack's voice on, and Liz is too busy pretending to be cool to stop them. It was a half-hour full of three deceptively complex plotlines, but it still made room for plenty of funny asides from Jenna and Tracy, and Kenneth almost died. Bravo!

Best Quotes:

"Everything grows back!" - Pete
"Lemon, lesbian Frankenstein wants her shoes back." - Frank on "" / "Oh my God, it is him." - Liz
"High-fiving a million angels." - Liz
"Don't worry about getting to your point. I'm going to live forever." - Jack
"What about three years ago when I said there should be more TV shows about cake?" - Liz
"Usually everyone around here makes me feel like Hitler. But today I feel like Hitler in Germany." - Liz
"Television Studies with a minor in Bible Sexuality!" - Kenneth
"Only the Blizbian knows!" - Liz
"I'm Ogbert the nerd." - Tracy

IASIP-Ep611_The-Gang-meets-Duncan_PM-340.jpgIt's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, "Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats"
This was a fitting Charlie Kelly episode, because it made very little sense, but was all the more hilarious for it. It's Charlie's birthday, and he's glum because he's murdered so many rats at the bar. Frank wants to throw him an underground luau surprise party, the idea for which he got from Charlie's dream journal and their new friend who hangs out under the bridge. It gets weirder, and more hilarious, from there, with a 3-D movie and a spa visit, and it all culminates in the gang piecing together literal sculptures of Charlie's dreams, like "denim chicken" and "worm hat."

Best Quotes:
"I'm tired today." - Dee
"Spa? Oh, you mean my spaghetti?" - Charlie
"What dimension are WE in?!" - Charlie
"You pregnant." - Cutty
"This brings me no joy at all. I feel nothing." - Mac
"A hat for your worm. If you want him to be fancy." - Dee
"Wermhatt's worm hat." - Charlie
"I'm a RAT in here! BASH ME LIKE A RAT!" - Charlie

What were your favorites from last night's comedy shows?