NBC Mid-Season Schedule: New Times, New Days and '30 Rock' at 10pm
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
NBC announced its mid-season schedule today, and I'm confused. It feels like the network is playing a game of program Boggle, putting all its shows into the cube, shaking it up, and letting random chance decide where shows end up.

Not only do shows move days in the middle of the season, but there are new slots for many of its shows, including Chase, Parenthood, Law and Order: SVU, Law and Order: Los Angeles, Outsourced and 30 Rock. It will be a miracle if fans can even find when their shows are on.

Here's the schedule. Good luck deciphering it.

8pm: Chuck (returns January 17)
9pm: The Cape (new show with a special premiere Sunday, January 9, running through February 21) and The Event (returns February 28)
10pm: Harry's Law (new show airing January 17-February 28) and Parenthood (new night starting March 7)

8pm: The Biggest Loser (premieres January 4)
10pm: Parenthood (January) and Law and Order: Los Angeles (new night returning February 8)

8pm: Minute to Win it (premieres January 5)
9pm: Chase (new night from January 12-March 9) and America's Next Great Restaurant (new show premieres March 16)
10pm: Law and Order: SVU (two-hour episode on January 5 at 9pm, then it moves to this new timeslot)

THURSDAY (starting January 20):
8pm: Community
8:30pm Perfect Couples (new show)
9pm: The Office
9:30pm: Parks and Recreation (returning)
10pm: 30 Rock (new timseslot)
10:30pm: Outsourced (new timseslot)

8pm: Who Do You Think You Are? (premieres January 21)
9pm: Dateline (returns January 7)

8pm: The Marriage Ref (premieres March 6)
9pm: The Celebrity Apprentice (premieres March 6)

(Image courtesy of NBC)