BuddyTV High Five: '30 Rock' Episode 5.22, 'Everything Sunny All The Time Always'
BuddyTV High Five: '30 Rock' Episode 5.22, 'Everything Sunny All The Time Always'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of 30 Rock, "Everything Sunny All The Time Always."

High Five Highlights:

1. Proving she has a sense of humor, Condoleezza Rice guest-stars as herself. Not only did she get to rake Jack over the coals for dumping her via text message, she also got to show off her impressive piano skills.

2. As if one absurd guest star was not enough, we also had an almost unrecognizable Margaret Cho as Kim Jong-il. It is criminal the number of one-liners Cho got in this episode.

3. Speaking of which, I would not complain if anyone ever actually made that buddy cop movie starring Kim Jong-il and Tracy Jordan.

4. Liz is reminded of her own mortality by a plastic bag. "I'll be here long after you're gone, the wind rustling against my genitals."

5. Apparently, Liz has been working on a novel with the line "Liz stabbed Jenna repeatedly."


- Was this episode just a subtle way of saying that Liz will never get her life together?

- Is this really the last we will ever see of Avery?

The Last Word:

A really funny episode (mostly thanks to Cho's tour-de-force Kim Jong-il), though the way the show has dispensed with Avery seems a little unlikely and cruel. And while Liz and Tracy's storylines were a bit generic and tended to drag a little at times, there were a lot of good one-liners sprinkled throughout. But, in the end, this episode is probably going to be most remembered for Condoleezza Rice's cameo.

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