30 Rock: Preview of Season 4 Premiere "Season Four"
30 Rock: Preview of Season 4 Premiere "Season Four"
After three seasons, it's the fourth one (duh) and the premiere's titled "Season Four."  Surprisingly, redundancy only makes it more humorous and Tina Fey isn't showing signs of slowing down with that.  However, they're facing the recession and the 30 Rock crew might just need to cut back a bit.  TGS needs a bit of tweaking, and someone gets a makeover in the process.  Uh-oh.

On "Season Four" - we mean the episode, not the whole season, Jack (Alec Baldwin) tells the others that they have to save some money since the company has been struck by the recession.  It's also a ploy to make TGS more relatable to its audiences, so adjustments need to be made.

As usual, change isn't welcomed by everyone.  While Jenna (Jane Krakowski) tries to transform her image and get a makeover, the rest of the crew isn't too pleased with what's been going on.

Tracy (Tracy Morgan) finds it difficult to regain touch to the common man, immersing himself in a different environment.  Meanwhile, Liz (Tina Fey) and Pete (Scott Adsit) have been sent on a mission to scout for a new talent for TGS.  The job isn't going too well, as every person they screen hardly live up to their expectations.

Meanwhile, amidst all the comical chaos in the office, there's Kenneth (Jack McBrayer).  He heads outside the building to lead a Page Strike, which certainly means more trouble for Jack and Co.

Below, you can catch three sneak peeks for the season 4 premiere of 30 Rock, called "Season Four."

As you can see, the very recognizable Steve Buscemi is a guest on the episode - the "chameleon," if you will.  Also returning to the season 4 premiere of 30 Rock are Keith Powell as Toofer Spurlock and Judah Friedlander as Frank Rossitano.

Don't forget to catch 30 Rock as it launches its fourth season tonight at 9:30pm on NBC.

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