'30 Rock' Fan Columnist: Thursday Night Thunder
'30 Rock' Fan Columnist: Thursday Night Thunder
...and yet another NBC duel for late night - but this time, with janitors!

After learning that the staff of TGS - her employees - gallivanted weekly in an activity known as Thursday Night Thunder, Liz Lemon grew infuriated and begged for counsel from colleagues such as Jack Donaghy and Tracy Jordan on the matter, wondering if it was a matter of her staff thinking she wasn't cool enough to participate.  

This time around, Tracy Jordan's troubles came in the form of his wife, who reprimanded him for not spending enough time with her. In order to administer discipline to the reckless Tracy, Kenneth fitted him with the electric collar that belonged to Tracy's equally reckless dog. Despite the fact that Kenneth accidentally left Tracy's wife's medications in the car, Tracy, finally motivated by the desire to do something for his wife for a change, was able to brave the moderate shock of the electric fence to successfully retrieve the medications for her. 

Jack Donaghy, torn already between his two lovers Avery and Nancy, encountered another problem when two of the janitors working in the GE building - Subhas and Khonani - were vying for the "11:30 shift", a thinly veiled reference to the recent feud between two other, real-life, late night kings of NBC; the outcome of this minor dispute mirrored that of its real-world counterpart. 

Liz used Cerie's upcoming marriage as an excuse to throw a party for her, in an attempt to show her co-workers that she can have just as much fun as the rest of them. Her woes, however, were compounded by Kenneth, stumbling haplessly into her apartment in the middle of the party to seek refuge from Tracy's crazed dog, following his scent. Through this mishap, the TGS staff confessed to regarding Liz as a maternal figure - not cool to hang out with at parties, but excellent with assistance and with problem solving. Armed with a football helmet and a heavily-padded outfit, Liz bravely squared off with Tracy's dog, allowing her TGS "family" to escape safely. 

Best Quotes: 

Liz tries to gauge Tracy Morgan's reaction to the Thursday Night Thunder debacle: 

"Isn't that rude?" 

Tracy responds: "Well, I yelled 'babba booie' at Walter Kronkite's funeral, so I don't really know what's rude or not." 

As Liz storms into Jack's office to interrogate him about Thursday Night Thunder, he beats her to the punch with a stinging quip: 

"Oh, my. I haven't seen your brow that furrowed since you saw that picture of Helen Mirren in a bikini." 

Tracy attempts to explain to Kenneth his dog's intimidating hostility: 

"I trained him to hate white people, and not to profile, because most ghosts are white!" 
Liz is preparing for her party and asks Jenna about ice for beverages, to which Jenna mistakenly responds: 

"Ice has caused a lot of ODs in the porn community! ...Oh, you mean iced water." 

Kenneth tries to convince Tracy to change his ways in order to be a better husband. Tracy stubbornly replies: 

"I can't change! I'm like a chameleon: always a lizard!"

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-Sandra L, BuddyTV Fan Columnist