'30 Rock' Fan Columnist: Three Weddings and a Peacock
'30 Rock' Fan Columnist: Three Weddings and a Peacock
This week, the 30 Rock gang felt the love in three forms: a wedding best man rivalry, an impersonator-turned-paramour, and a peacock believed to be the incarnate of a late CEO. 

In an attempt to resolve a quarrel between Grizz, Dotcom and Tracy Jordan over who would be the best man at Grizz's wedding to Feyonce, the woman Dotcom loves (awkward!), Liz Lemon was appointed by Grizz to be the woman of honor at the wedding, eschewing both Dotcom and Tracy as the potential best man. In accepting Grizz's offer, Liz signed on to attend what will be her third wedding in one (assumably frenetic) day. 

Meanwhile, Jenna Maroney's cheery attitude got both Liz and Pete Hornberger curious and wary. They soon found out that the reason behind her suddenly bright disposition was her new lover, Paul, a Jenna impersonator by trade. Liz found the relationship apt as Jenna was finally able to (almost literally) fall in love with herself. 

After learning that the late CEO of NBC, Don Geiss, bequeathed his pet peacock Argus to him, Jack Donaghy got an inkling that the peacock may have, in fact, inherited the essence of Geiss' very being. Hesitant, Jack asked the heavens for a sign, which then came in the form of Argus asking for a drink and reassuringly patting Jack with his wing. 

Best Quotes: 

Jenna is being surprisingly considerate of Liz and Pete, which more than arouses Liz's suspicions: 

"Why are you being so happy and nice? Are you soaking your tampons in vodka again?" 
Liz Lemon and Grizz attempt to sway Tracy Jordan from assuming the position of best man. Tracy sees through this ruse, however, and is sorely offended: 

"You're trying to manipulate me not to be your best man! Damn it, Grizz, I've known you since you were 6 feet tall!" 
Pete Hornberger enthusiastically offers to follow Jenna's new boyfriend for hours on end, and Liz quickly understands why: 

"School play"? 

Sadly, Pete responds: 

"Oklahoma. They couldn't find cowboy hats big enough for my kids, so they're wearing turbans." 
As Liz tries to explain Jenna and Paul's odd relationship, Jack Donaghy is fumbling to attend to Argus the peacock's every whim. Nervously scrambling through the TGS pantry, Jack shouts: 

"What is with this food layout? Kenneth says he needs some sumec bark and shrub yellow root to make a poultice for Argus." 

To which Liz retorts:  

"How is your thing weirder than mine?" 
As Jack ponders the idea of Geiss' soul being transferred to the peacock Argus, Kenneth thoughtfully muses: 

"I think there's a lot we don't understand about the world. Like the afterlife, and how bread turns into toast." 

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-Sandra L, BuddyTV Fan Columnist