'30 Rock' Fan Columnist: Mommies Dearest
'30 Rock' Fan Columnist: Mommies Dearest
Liz Lemon's love life (or lack thereof) came under heavy fire in this mother's day extravaganza of an episode as her fantasy of wooing her ideal man (whom she refers to specifically as Astronaut Mike Dexter) was panned collectively by the mothers of TGS staffers visiting for the annual holiday. 

After Liz discovered that her mother, who divulged the nostalgic story to Liz herself, could've married legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Liz immediately saw her Astronaut Mike Dexter fantasy mirrored in this tale of missed romance and, through Jack Donaghy's endless web of connections, pegged down Aldrin (guest starring as himself) to talk to him herself. She soon found out that her mother's decision not to marry Aldrin was a fortunate idea after all, as Aldrin himself professed (and quite endearingly, might I add) to being a raging alcoholic and adulterer. 

Nearly forgetting about Mother's Day entirely, Jack Donaghy was mortified to find his tyrant mother Colleen (played to amazing effect by returning guest star Elaine Stritch) already at his doorstep. The terrifyingly astute Colleen was able to deduce (through friends and keen observations of Jack's actions) that Jack was juggling between two lovers, Avery Jessup and Nancy Donovan, and news of this spread to Avery herself, as well. The two strong-willed women cornered Jack with the ultimatum he'd been dodging for so long: he would have to choose between both women, and soon. 

Jenna's mother, Verna, paid a visit to the set of TGS for mother's day under the instruction of Jack Donaghy, who pays her a stipend for keeping her loose-cannon daughter feeling loved. Tracy Jordan, on the other hand, struggled to find an actress suitable to play his mother; Pete Hornberger offered a matronly actress known best for her appearances on advertisement for "Pajamaralls", and Tracy dismissed her initially as being beneath his standards, but finally came around to the idea and embraced her as his mother for a day. 

Best Quotes:
Verna notes to Jack Donaghy that she's been spending the payments he's been sending her wisely by bragging about a boob job she recently underwent (though she could only afford the job on one of her boobs, she notes).  

"Feel the difference," Verna says as she forcibly thrusts Jack's hands on her breasts. Jack remarks:  

"Like a cantaloupe and a Ziploc bag of mushroom soup." 
Colleen Donaghy, having a mother's day lunch with her son, is mortified after learning that Jack is in the midst of handling two relationships at the same time, and snidely remarks to the waiter:  

"Just bring my son one of everything. That way he doesn't have to choose!" 
Pete Hornberger attempts to persuade Tracy to hire actress Novella Nelson to play his mother for the TGS Mother's Day episode: 

"She's a great actress who lives in Brooklyn, she looks like you..." 
Tracy interrupts: "That could be ANYONE. We all look alike to me!" 
Fervently opposed to the idea of Novella playing his mother, Tracy bickers with her, shouting: 

"I'd rather be up on that stage all alone than to be with someone whose resume has 'Black Judge' nine times!"  
Novella replies: "And you think I wanted a fake son that recorded an anti-condom PSA?" 
Defensively, Tracy adds: "I saved a lot of kids from lame sex!" 
Liz walks into Buzz Aldrin's apartment and apologizes, telling him she didn't find a door. He explains: 

"I don't believe in barriers, because I'm always breaking them." 

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-Sandra L, BuddyTV Fan Columnist