'30 Days' Season 3 Culminates in Indian Reservation Episode
'30 Days' Season 3 Culminates in Indian Reservation Episode
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
After five riveting episodes so far in its third season, FX's trailblazing documentary series 30 Days finale will feature ‘Life on an Indian Reservation,' where renowned documentarian Morgan Spurlock lives with Native Americans on a reservation near Gallup, New Mexico for 30 days.

Spurlock (Super Size Me and Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden) finds himself housed in a traditional Navajo dwelling with Deborah and Karl and their two children.  He has to seek employment, study the Navajo language, and witness economic hardships of reservation life, while trying to absorb a culture seemingly oceans away from his own but in fact very close to home.

‘I'll leave the America we know without leaving the country,' Spurlock declares in the episode trailer, as he experiences what it's like to live in an Indian reservation.  He calls his journey “spriritual.”  The episode is to air on July 8 at FX Network.

Throughout history, the relations between Native Americans and the so-called new Americans have been contentious and often vicious.  Historically, the European colonization of the Americas nearly obliterated the population, not to mention the culture, of the Native Americans.  At present, economic development had been scarce for them, and as of 2000, nearly 400,000 Native Americans reside inside reservation areas.

The 30 Days finale tackles this issue, presenting viewers with people “who can't wait to get out of here [the reservation].”  The first five episodes of the series were about coal mine workers, living in a wheelchair, animal rights, same-sex parenting, and gun nation; in other words; topics very close to American society.  And unlike your run-of-the-mill life-in-another's-shoes reality show, 30 Days really explores the issues involved in the experiment.

The first season of 30 days was the highest rated non-fiction show in FX history.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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