[Video] '24: Live Another Day' Full Trailer: Enemy of the State
[Video] '24: Live Another Day' Full Trailer: Enemy of the State
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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FOX has released yet another trailer for the new event series 24: Live Another Day. The 12-episode miniseries marks the return of the Emmy-winning drama starring Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer.

In the new trailer, we see some of the storylines start to get fleshed out. Jack Bauer is an enemy of the state being hunted in London by the CIA. There are more interactions between Bauer and the new characters played by Benjamin Bratt and Yvonne Strahovski, both of whom seem to severely underestimate Jack's abilities. "That was a mistake," Jack tells Strahovski's Agent Kate Morgan.

More importantly, it looks like Chloe might be a bit of a villain this season. Jack claims that a plot to frame the assassination of President James Heller came from Chloe's organization, which seems to be a hacker collective of anti-drone activists. Has Chloe really gone rogue and is using her tech genius to try and fight the U.S. government?

Finally, President Heller doesn't take crap from anyone, as usual, and his Chief of Staff, who is also married to Audrey, appears to be doing everything in his power to keep her from hearing the name Jack Bauer.

This all ties back to the last time we saw the Hellers on 24 at the end of season 6. Audrey had been kidnapped by the Chinese went she went looking for Jack (who was a Chinese prisoner for two years). Jack got her back, but she had been psychologically damaged and was in a near-catatonic state.

Her father, James Heller, took her back and told Jack never to see her again because everyone he's close to dies. The season ended with Jack breaking into Heller's house and holding him at gunpoint, furious over the way his father-figure treated him following the death of Jack's actual father, who was involved in that season's terrorist plot.

It was a psychological breaking point for Jack, being forced to stay away from the one person he truly loved since losing his wife in spite of everything he had given up to protect the country.

That backstory seems like it will play a big role in 24: Live Another Day. What are you most excited for: Chloe breaking bad, the return of the Hellers or Jack Bauer kicking the butt of the actress from Chuck?

24: Live Another Day premieres Monday, May 5 at 8pm with a two-hour debut.

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