'24' Spoiler Alert: It's Detail After Detail After Detail... Part Two
'24' Spoiler Alert: It's Detail After Detail After Detail... Part Two
Wasn't it just yesterday when we found ourselves with a boatload of 24 spoilers, about who does (and doesn't do) what?  I return here and I find myself with a couple more, too.

Well, not exactly spoilers, but it's still about the future of the series, and maybe the occasional detail about what the resuscitated CTU will end up doing.  We're still grappling with the idea of a spaceship-like headquarters--it's underground, Mary Lynn Rajskub told Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello, with a tunnel bringing cars to the new offices--but this time we're getting something more personal.

There's that question, for instance, on whether Jack will find happiness somewhere in the eighth season.  Teri's long dead, Aubrey's long gone, and we ended the seventh season with him sharing a pretty emotional moment with Renee.  And then there've been hints that these two will get together, so will they?

"People would like to see him at least have the option to have a good life," Kiefer Sutherland told E! Online.  "We stripped a lot of those components over the years, by virtue of killing everybody, that whether he wants to live or die seemed to become innocuous--like who cares, there's nothing really to live for.  What we did for this season is to really try and create something that would make Jack want to live."

Okay, so that wasn't clear, but is he really trying to hint at a Jack-Renee relationship?  Never mind her being a damaged person, which is how executive producer David Fury describes her.

The other burning question: is 24's eighth season the last?  The only thing definite, surely, is that Sutherland's under contract until the end of this season.  Perhaps a clue--I don't know if we should call this a clue--is that producers are planning to bring back old characters.  "We've certainly been talking about that," Fury said.  "At this point, we're only in the first third of the season, but we have begun to discuss some of the characters that could return."  Among the names floated: Gregory Itzin's Charles Logan, and Mia Kirshner's Mandy, and... Carlos Bernard's Tony?

He wasn't dead anyway, but that's a floating loophole when we ended the seventh season.  "There may be an opportunity for Tony to be pivotal in the show," Fury said.  So that explains it.

Attached to that question is the future of the show if they decide to let go of Sutherland--odd move if so, but it's possible.  I'm looking at you, Freddie Prinze Jr.  I am slightly getting used to the idea of seeing him on 24--he told Ausiello that he didn't expect it, but he got on when the opportunity came--but there's a valid point here: his character, Cole Ortiz, might be groomed as a replacement for Jack.  Consider that both were CTU field ops head at one point, and Cole aspires to be like Jack--so, if the real deal ends up going, maybe by that bioweapon or some other means, is he going to take over?

"I have not put time thinking about that," he said.  "I can't imagine hearing anyone say 'the following takes place between...' two and three or any other time for that matter except Jack Bauer ... I'm the supporting cast, I'm here to support my lead, [and] I know how to do that ... As far as the future and that stuff goes, I'm just trying to save the world with Jack.  That's all I'm trying to do."

All right, Freddie, I'll take your word on that.  But your last line--I don't know why images of Batman and Robin hit me.  Oh no, not another Batman reference to end this entry...

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Sources: E! Online, Entertainment Weekly
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