'24: Redemption' Recap (Page 1/5)
'24: Redemption' Recap (Page 1/5)
Jack Bauer, after almost two years away from TV, returned tonight in 24: Redemption, a two-hour prequel film set in Africa, which bridges the gap between seasons 6 and 7 of 24.  Jack Bauer, since the end of season 6, where he was last seen pondering life and all its complexities while staring contemplatively into the ocean, has been globe-trotting, finding himself, avoiding the reality of his home country.  24: Redemption was filmed almost entirely in South Africa, and it's the first time we've ever seen Jack Bauer outside of Southern California.  The prequel sets up a number of characters and plot lines that will be integral to season 7 of 24

The action picks up in Sangala, Africa.  We are in a township, and young boys are being trained to fight, not unlike what we saw in Blood Diamond.  Rebel leader Toad Voiced Guy is very evil, and speaks of the power of the machete.  Colonel Dubaku, I think, is his name.  Making a speech in front of all the young boys, Colonel Bad Guy brings up a member of the government, beaten and bloodied, in front of everyone.  Dubaku calls the dude a “cock-a-roach” over and over, finally making one of the young boys kill the government worker with a machete, working the masses into a frenzy. 

“The following takes place between 3pm and 5pm.”  Damn, it's good to hear your voice, Kiefer.  Gil Bellows, as a bespectacled diplomat, is driven into a town somewhere in Sangala.  We see a peaceful school next as it receives food from a truck.  A young boy, while the village gets its food, searches though someone's possessions, steals a knife.  These are Jack Bauer's things.  Jack shows up, answers the boy's queries.  Jack has been all around the world – India, other places.

“When are you going home?” Willie (the boy) asks.

“I'm not going home,” says Jack.

Frank Trammel (Gil Bellows), who works for the ambassador, arrives at Jack's place with Jack's friend Robert Carlyle.  Trammel tries to serve Jack with a subpoena.  Carl (Carlyle) is informed by Frank that the subpoena was issued a year ago. Carl is now working with the kids, doing charity, running the school, good work.  Frank drives away, then a weird European UN guy talks to Jack. 

Dubaku is getting his rebel soldiers ready.  They are planning an attack on something.   The General then receives a call from Hodges, who is the big bad guy for season 7, played by Jon Voight.  He offers support from some of his soldiers who are outside the Sangala border.  After the call, Hodges' business assistant calls in an underling to erase records from a number of African countries. 

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