'24' Fan Columnist: There Will Be Blood
'24' Fan Columnist: There Will Be Blood
Beth Kostecki
Beth Kostecki
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While putting on his carefully chosen tie, Charles Logan watches President Taylor's press secretary making the announcement about Ethan Kanin's retirement and Logan's participation in the peace process. He gets a call from Jason, who has found Pavel looking not so hot. (Insert your own "spilled his guts" joke here.) Pillar again urges him to distance himself from this hot mess, but Logan won't let anyone rain on his parade.

Jim heads back to his Fortress of Solitude to fix the location of Logan's cell phone. Meredith continues to press Jack for answers but his priority is keeping her alive long enough to make the incriminating video public. He tosses her cell phone and tells her to contact someone she can trust, who turns out to be her editor.


 President Taylor introduces Logan to Dalia Hassan, who feels an urge to disinfect after shaking his hand. Logan tells Taylor that Bauer is still at large, an update that he could give on autopilot by this time. When he tells her she needs to put the clamps on Meredith, she balks. Torture, OK. Treason, fine. Trample on freedom of the press? Never! Charles tells her the country survived me, I was always a creep, but they'll never survive the downfall of a paragon like you. Again she caves and puts a reluctant Tim Woods on Reed's trail.

While searching for a lead on Jack's associate, Arlo runs across a live feed showing Pavel's brutalized corpse. He reasonably wonders if Chloe still thinks she can talk down someone capable of that, and she just as reasonably says she has to try. They manage to ID Jim Ricker, ex-CIA who served with Jack in the Gulf War, he's officially listed as deceased.

A not-quite-dead Ricker once again hesitates to help Jack when he discovers that the phone he's trying to locate belongs to President Logan. For an ex-spook he sure is big on ethics. Finally he complies, but when he warns Jack that this is too big to come back from, Bauer replies that he never planned to.

Logan tries to pacify an understandably jittery Novakovich, telling him that even CTU has orders to shoot Bauer on sight. As his motorcade enters a tunnel it's intercepted by Jack himself, looking like a cross between RoboCop and Iron Man. Boy, Logan will be seeing that masked face in the window in his dreams for the rest of his (possibly short) life. After dispatching the Secret Service agents, Jack drags the sniveling ex-Prez underground through a service grate.

When Pillar and his men arrive he spots the broken lock on the grate. Jack is, um, questioning a whimpering Logan. In contrast to Pavel, he can't talk fast enough, giving up Novakovich on the spot. Hearing Jason approaching, Bauer puts a sleeper hold on Logan and takes off.

Having found Ricker through DMV records, Chloe uses the one play she has available, getting Cole Ortiz sprung on the pretext of U.N. detail. Cole is heading out loaded for bear, which sparks a resumption of their philosophical debate. Ortiz is only too happy to expose the cover-up, but he won't hesitate to take Jack out the second he poses a threat.

Meredith is waiting to meet her editor when she gets a call from him saying the FBI has arrived. Reed decides she needs more firepower in this battle so she puts in a call to Dalia Hassan. Daughter Kayla answers and is ready to hang up on her father's lover until Meredith tells her about the Russians being behind Omar's assassination. No sooner does Kayla promise to have her mother return the call than FBI agents swoop in to apprehend Meredith and confiscate the memory card. I'm hoping against hope that she pulled a Snake Plissken switcheroo and President Taylor ends up watching a video of Big Mike getting the boot from American Idol.

Logan tells Jason that Bauer knows about Novakovich, conveniently omitting the specifics of just how Jack got his name, and says Pillar needs to warn him. Jason reaches the one guard who's still barely alive to find out that he's too late. Seems one of them did manage to nick Jack, who's now leaving a bloody trail of his own. Logan then calls Russian President Suvarov to let him know they're all in trouble. Geez, he always seemed like such a nice guy. And little do they know how much trouble ... that spot on Logan's otherwise impeccable collar turns out to be a bug, and Jack's been listening the whole time. Next week Eriq LaSalle joins the finale as the U.N. Secretary-General and we say good-bye to eight seasons of 24 with the surprise ending of all surprise endings.

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