'24' Fan Columnist: Another One Bites the Dust
'24' Fan Columnist: Another One Bites the Dust
So tell the truth: how many of you let out even the smallest cheer at the end of this episode? Be honest. I'm not here to judge.

The hour begins with the conclusion of the press conference about resumption of the peace agreement. At least President Taylor still has the decency to look sheepish as Dalia Hassan sings her praises. Meanwhile, Charles Logan gets word that Dana is proving to be, not surprisingly, a tough nut to crack. When his aide Jason asks for confirmation that she's to be killed once they have the files, he agrees ... with him having plausible deniability, of course.

Cole and Jack head to the safe house where Dana's being held. Jack tells Cole that now that immunity is off the table, they have to provide it themselves by releasing Dana once she's turned over the evidence. When Cole gets a call from Chloe he tells her buys time by claiming to have Jack in custody. She then tells Arlo to have a shrink standing by to do a workup on Jack when they return.

After taking out Bledsoe and the rest of his team, Jack and Cole free Dana and tell her of their plan to release her. Being a professional liar herself, she's not buying that story for a second, so Jack resorts to Plan B and gets the information from her at gunpoint. She pleads with Cole to see that Jack is looking for revenge, not justice, and he plans to start with her. But after confronting Jack, he decides to stick with him. Meanwhile, the members of Cole's team have managed to get free and they let Chloe know that Jack has taken Cole hostage. She responds by ordering an immediate APB.

President Taylor is upset to learn that Jack has Dana. Logan suggests that they regain control of the situation by installing his lapdog Jason at CTU to oversee the manhunt. Since all his other ideas have worked out well so far, she agrees. When Logan meets with Russian Minister Novakovich to apprise him of the situation, they agree that it's a problem for both sides, but Logan points out that one of them has the resources to take care of it. And what a coincidence, Novakovich happens to be accompanied by Pavel, the shooter who took out Renee. Jason will be providing intel about Jack's whereabouts from his vantage point at CTU.

 Dana's evidence is being kept at a safe-deposit box she and Cole shared, so the two of them play happy couple to go and retrieve it. Cole's high-school buddy who works at the bank must think a waterboarded, bruised and battered Dana is a fine catch. She continues to play on Cole's emotions, now using the old the-love-part-was-real line. To his credit, he doesn't bite. But there's something else in the box that Dana's put away for a rainy day: a mini-explosive that knocks Cole out. After grabbing the evidence along with a gun, passport, and cash, she makes a call to 911 fingering Jack.

When CTU gets wind of the 911 call, Jason notifies Pavel. Since NYPD is already on the way, they'll have to take Jack while he's in police custody. As officers close in on him at the bank, Dana gives him a taunting smile as she walks out. Jack quickly gets the drop on the two cops, even shooting one in the foot. But he remembers his manners and tells onlookers to call for help as he runs off in pursuit of Dana.

The chase leads to a construction site that provides a perfect backdrop for their cat-and-mouse game. And the cat wins when Jack tricks Dana into using up her bullets and then corners her on an upper floor. She surrenders the files and then tries to negotiate her freedom. An obviously tortured Jack decides he's not in a giving mood as he denies her request and shoots her. Finally, an episode-ending death that's worthy of fireworks rather than a silent clock. For Dana, the good news is that she was right about Jack after all. The bad news is that she was right about Jack after all. Next week neither side is ready to give in as Jack goes into full-on vigilante mode.

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-Beth Kostecki, BuddyTV Fan Columnist