24: Are There Three Sides To This Coin?
24: Are There Three Sides To This Coin?
At the end of Monday night's 24, I got a little more confused, although that could perhaps be the point.  If one thing's clear, it's this: Jack Bauer will have to face the wrath of that pathogen for longer, more so after he refused the stem cell treatment that Kim could've helped in.  (Same goes for Kim.)  I could say Tony's motivations are clearer than the last hour, but that's where the complications come in--there's more to this than the government versus Starkwood.  So begin the questions.

Is there a third party involved?  It seems Tony is out to recover the pathogen.  Or maybe I didn't get things right again, and the pathogen is acting on me, thanks to my recent exposure to the television screen.  But I kid.  Remember the phone call he made to the folks at Starkwood before the barricade got compromised?  Yeah, that's what I mean.

But what's interesting was the scene between Hodges and his lawyer, or at least the person pretending to be her lawyer.  He's suffered a "psychotic break", she says, and to save the company from further shame, as well as to prevent his family from getting harmed, Hodges should commit suicide by induced cardiac arrest.  No Hodges, no case, not much cleaning required to his "patriotic service".

Does that mean we have three sides?  The government is, if I see this correctly, going up against Hodges' Starkwood--we all know what he's up to--and a breakaway faction, whose aim is to get their boss out of the way and clean their act up.  I'm figuring Tony's part of that group, which puts another question into what his motivations may be.  Good guy or bad guy?  You might say the latter, after he taunted Jack with a medical kit, a gun, and a few boo hoo moments, not to mention the other things he did earlier in the day.  Which leads us to...

What exactly will happen to Jack?  Let us reiterate again: he will not be dead.  He will, in fact, make it to New York City for Day 8.  Perhaps aged a bit more, but that's aside from the point.  With roughly five hours before 24 comes full circle, how do the writers intend to get Jack out of that pathogen hole, at least partially?  The seizure was a pain to watch--Kiefer Sutherland's good at this, I thought--upping the effects of his exposure by yet another notch.  Despite all this, he's turned down an offer to get the experimental treatment that could save him, however small the chances may be--and both father and daughter are decided on it.

Should we expect something within the next five hours, then?  Maybe some lucky break, a window that meant Jack's life wasn't in any danger after all?  Maybe yet another option that he'll take because it doesn't involve compromising anyone dear to him?  Maybe he'll change his mind after realizing that Tony's in this?  My head's starting to hurt, and it might explode to mush.  Pathogen.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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