'24: Legacy' Season 1 Finale Recap: Does Carter Save Rebecca?
'24: Legacy' Season 1 Finale Recap: Does Carter Save Rebecca?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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It's the end of the day for 24: Legacy. In the first season finale, Carter rushes to save Rebecca from the terrorists. Can he stop them AND save her life?

Those questions are answered as the season ends with a silent clock and a time jump. If you're a big fan of time, you saw that second part coming since the opening says the events take place from 11pm to 12pm, but 12pm is noon, not midnight.

Carter vs. Tony

The finale begins with Tony's team raiding the house to abduct Naseri's daughter. Carter defends himself well, killing a few guys and breaking Tony's arm. It ends with Sidra pointing a gun at Carter, but John is able to call Tony at the last second to tell him about the plan to save Rebecca and he lets Carter go. It's basically the same as the third episode, when Carter tried to break out of the police station and was saved by a last-minute phone call from Rebecca.

The Plan to Save Rebecca

Carter calls Naseri to tell him that his daughter is alive and she will be returned safely in exchange for Rebecca. It works and instead of executing her on a live stream, Naseri kills Bin Khalid's men and locks up the terrorist leader.

Mullins takes the daughter to the Jordanian embassy while Carter gets Rebecca. Everything goes smoothly, but Bin Khalid gets a gun and kills Naseri for betraying him, then Carter kills Bin Khalid. However, Rebecca is shot in the process.

She's rushed to the hospital and John arrives just in time to watch her flatline. Like Teri Bauer at the end of the first season of the original 24, Rebecca Ingram is dead and gets the silent clock at 11:45pm.

12 Hours Later

The clock then zooms forward 12 hours to 11:45am. John is grieving over Rebecca's body when his dad Henry shows up to offer his condolences and convince his son to stay in the race for President. He promises to turn himself in and admit to what he did if John stays in the race. It works and John is still running for President.

We also learn that Director of National Intelligence Simms killed himself after John left his office, unwilling to face the charges of being a war criminal for the illegal East July mission kidnapping Naseri's daughter.

Back at CTU, Carter arrives for his debrief, but first he talks to his wife Nicole. He explains that he needs this work and wants to join CTU. She supports him and wants to make it work as long as they're honest with each other. So I guess it's kind of a happy ending for them.

And that's how 24: Legacy ends its first season, with Carter about to join CTU while his supportive wife watches on. Will Eric Carter be back to stop another terrorist attack, presumably with the help of President John Donovan? More importantly, should the show be renewed?

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