The 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards Video: How to Give an Acceptance Speech
The 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards Video: How to Give an Acceptance Speech
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The Emmys are coming! The Emmys are coming!

That's right -- the biggest night in TV awards airs on Sunday, September 23, so it's time to get ready. And what better way could there be to ready oneself for the Emmy Awards than with a how-to video about accepting those coveted awards.

Of course, you're probably worried about all of those acceptance speeches. They tend to go on forever, don't they? That may be why the Emmy Awards have released this video, "Emmy Speech Master Class." They really want the winners to have all of the necessary tips to make the night exciting.

The video, released by the PrimetimeEmmys YouTube account, features Parker Posey (Best in Show, Superman Returns, an upcoming New Girl episode) as JA,N -- "Just Act, Naturally." In it, JA,N shows a group of possibly talented, definitely gullible acting wannabes just how to properly accept an Emmy Award. Check it out below:

  • "The most important part of any actor's career is the Emmy awards acceptance speech."
  • What are the foam rods for? You don't usually see those at the Emmys.
  • For that matter, actors rarely have to do somersaults through hoops when on stage. Or maybe these are metaphorical hoops that must be jumped through before reaching the Emmy stage?
  • "I don't like me very much." Wow! With an attitude like that, this is surely a future star.
  • The Emmy speeches would be a lot more fun to watch if the acceptance speeches really did include show pitches.
  • Nosferatu Feet -- Terrible pun. Show I would totally watch.
  • Awkward and scary are the goals here. 
  • What is the best language for long, rambling speeches that no one else can understand?
  • In case you were wondering, the website is
  • "JA,N really prepares you to lose... I really enjoyed the loser training a lot."
  • I never knew that "having egg on your face" could be anything but metaphorical.
  • You have to admit, having a heart attack while accepting an Emmy truly would be memorable. You'd get in all of the retrospective clips!
  • Where did that dog come from?
  • It sounds so easy to get an Emmy after this! I guess not enough actors have taken the class, since they're not all winners.

The Emmy Awards will air live on Sunday, September 23 at 7pm (ET)/ 4pm (PT) on ABC.

(Image courtesy of ABC, video courtesy of PrimetimeEmmys on YouTube)