Comic-Con Interview: 'Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey on the Dangers of Werewolves and Bad Coffee
Comic-Con Interview: 'Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey on the Dangers of Werewolves and Bad Coffee
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Last year, Teen Wolf came to the San Diego Comic-Con as a brand-new show that few had heard of. This year's return to the SDCC was therefore a triumph -- growing popularity and a huge season 3 order came along with the show. What did Tyler Posey, the star of Teen Wolf, have to say about that? Check out our interview below.

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MTV Orders a Super-Sized Teen Wolf Season 3

Check out the video interview below to see what Tyler Posey had to say about the character of Scott in the final part of Teen Wolf season 2.

  • Tyler's concern at the beginning of this video is for a camera tripod that collapsed the minute he arrived at the table.
  • Almost every single Teen Wolf star showed up with a cup of espresso. Evidently it had been a long night...
  • "Scott has a plan! A very good, detailed, in-depth plan..." For some reason, this amused me greatly.
  • The "next episode" referred to was episode 208, "Raving," which aired on Monday, July 16.
  • The extreme loudness from the background was the result of cameramen getting hold of the Teen Wolf girls (Crystal Reed and Holland Roden) for photos.
  • Although Tyler Posey couldn't say much about it, things do not look good for the Scott-Allison relationship.
  • Would Scott really tell Allison that she was wrong about something huge? I guess so -- he has done so once or twice already about her family.
  • Based on what's mentioned about Scott's father here, I would be surprised if we will meet the man during Teen Wolf season 2. Of course, it's totally possible that Posey was being evasive on this point.
  • It really did sound like horrible espresso.
  • I wouldn't even want to consider the horribleness of Scott's life without Stiles.
  • Bet you didn't expect a George W. Bush reference in this interview.'
  • Ah, stupid jokes about colors...
  • So cute that Tyler Posey didn't want to leave the table!

Want more of Tyler Posey at Comic-Con? The Teen Wolf star appeared on the "Fan Favorites" panel during the SDCC. Check it out here!

Teen Wolf season 2 currently airs on MTV Mondays at 10pm.

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