Comic-Con 2011: Excessive Hotness from 'The Vampire Diaries' Panel
Comic-Con 2011: Excessive Hotness from 'The Vampire Diaries' Panel
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The Vampire Diaries came off of a strong second season to arrive at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con. Much of the cast, along with the show's two executive producers arrived in Ballroom 20 to address the thousands gathered there.

After a highlight reel from season 2, there was a single scene from season 3: Elena walking in on a very naked and soapy Damon.

  • Joseph Morgan (Klaus)
  • Nina Dobrev (Elena/Katherine)
  • Julie Plec (executive producer)
  • Ian Somerhalder (Damon)
  • Kevin Williamson (executive producer)
  • Paul Wesley (Stefan)
  • Candice Accola (Caroline)

Whose deaths were the most surprising and hardest?
Candice Accola: "Kayla Ewell, because it was the first big death."

Paul Wesley: "Everyone's died... I think I'm mourning my own death the most... I thought the Rose death was very emotional."

Kevin Williamson: "Kayla. Vicky... And then Aunt Jenna was very hard."

Ian Somerhalder: "I remember reading when Vicky dies, that was heartbreaking."

Julie Plec: "I still get hate mail for killing Mason Lockwood."

Nina Dobrev: "When Sara Canning and when Kayla left..."

Joseph Morgan: "I think Sara Canning dying was really sort of sad... I guess the most surprising was Jeremy. I mean, again?"

Have we seen the last of Elijah?
Kevin Williamson: "Oh no!"
And he's pissed off. And possibly embarrassed by getting killed repeatedly by that dagger.

Will Damon be looking for Stefan?
Ian Somerhalder: "Damon's kind of not to happy about the way life has worked out for him at this point."

Kevin Williamson: "It's one of those reluctant hero stories."

How dark will Stefan get?
Paul Wesley: "I don't know... I think the whole Ripper Stefan thing is really interesting."

Why does Klaus want Stefan so badly?
Joseph Morgan: "I think we're going to find a lot more about the motive and history of him taking Stefan this season."

Which is more fun, Elena or Katherine?
Nina Dobrev: "I get the best of both worlds... They're both so much fun... They're both so challenging and so awesome. They will kill me one day... I can get away with a lot more when I'm Katherine on set."

Where did Katherine go?
Julie Plec: "She's in Hawaii, waiting for the very special Hawaiian episode maybe."

What's it like for Caroline to be violent?
Candice Accola: "So I get to kick a werewolf in the crotch and go kill two cops and then go, 'Hey Mom!'"

Will Elena and Damon date in the next season?
Julie Plec: "Katherine seems to know more about what it's like to care about both Salvatore brothers... She's not saying it for no reason."

Other little bits from the panel:
  • Everyone wants to play Klaus, except for Candice Accola: "I like being Caroline!"
  • Paul Wesley thinks that Katherine's walk looks like"swimming through Jell-O."
  • When asked which Salvatore brother she would pick, Nina Dobrev replied,"The beauty of the situation is that I don't have to choose."
  • Justin Bieber wanted to be on **The Vampire Diaries.

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