Comic-Con 2010: Joss Whedon Talks 'Avengers,' 'Dollhouse' and More
Comic-Con 2010: Joss Whedon Talks 'Avengers,' 'Dollhouse' and More
Joss Whedon is a busy man. And after yesterday's announcement that he will be writing and directing The Avengers, Comic-con goers are still thirsty for more. With a packed Ballroom, he not only talked more about all of his projects but fans were given the opportunity to pick Mr. Whedon's brain.

Here are some highlights:

On what he's most excited about for The Avengers: "Editing" (he jokes). Well, he's always loved writing as "nothing compares to it" however he finds the cast incredibly insightful and invested in the project. It's exciting to see them all get along for the very fact that they are all going to have to hate each other, for at least a little while.

And what about after The Avengers? He didn't really say (well excluding all the projects he's currently working on) but Joss did make one thing clear: network television probably isn't in the near future. Damn you FOX.

Speaking of FOX, moving on to Dollhouse: Having Boyd Langton be evil was not initially in the plan and didn't come to him until the second season. Boyd was such a "touchstone and rock" for Echo that at first he thought he'd kill him but we've seen him do that before! So, he shot an Apocalypse knowing Dollhouse was canceled in season two.

Going back to proving to the audience that he loves to kill characters we love, Whedon explained his process for doing this. Mostly it comes down to artistic decisions. And while on TV it means you're firing someone, they are often told in advance (Kristine Sutherland was told two years in advance how and when she was going to die).

As for Dr. Horrible, Joss Whedon decided to do that project for several reasons. The writers strike gave him the opportunity to take control and do a project like Horrible. He relates to him because--and just to be clear in case you haven't figured it out already-- Joss relates to villains more than heroes. Dr. Horrible is damaged, weird and a misguided but sweet guy. But to sum it up Whedon said, "I wanted to do Dr. Horrible because I feel a little like Dr. Horrible."

For all you Rock Band fans out there there have been talks of bringing the Dr. Horrible music to the game. Not sure why it never happened but with the loud cheers and applause, who knows, maybe one day!

On more of a personal note he did let us in a little bit to his writing process. Daring to summarize it into a few words it starts as a idea that nags at him until he can't stand it anymore. Then, comes the free association where characters and basic plots begin to form. Then, it gets hard and when he's about to give up then he goes to check out where they love Joss (who doesn't?). Finds time to look up some porn--funny man that Whedon--and also asks fellow writers for advice on things. Before you know it you've gone from beginning to the end. Oh, and he gets hungry in between.

But, if you're still not getting it, Joss summed it up in even fewer words. The process goes a little sometime like this: Fun. Hunger. Porn. Depression. Fun.

And for the last surprise of the night, a fan asked Joss who his favorite actor. His reply: It's Nathan Fillion! And it really was! Fillion took off his hat and ripped off his mustache as the crowd went wild.

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