Comic-Con 2010: 'Firefly' Fans Unite for Equality Now
Comic-Con 2010: 'Firefly' Fans Unite for Equality Now
Christi Kassity
Christi Kassity
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Greetings from San Diego! The temperatures are high, the days are long, and self-proclaimed geeks from all over the country are making their way here for the 2010 San Diego International Comic-Con.

For newbies, the size of the convention floor can be daunting. Most of the crowds tend to go straight for the big booths (like the WB), meaning a lot of the smaller booths go completely unnoticed. Last year I offered my Preview Night Seal of Approval to one of these smaller booths, and this year I would like to offer the same Preview Night Seal of Approval to another worthy booth: The California Browncoats. 

Let it be said that Firefly/Serenity fans are some of the most dedicated at Comic-Con, and The California Browncoats are no exception. This nonprofit organization--started by four devout Firefly fans--promotes Firefly and Serenity fandom while raising money for worthy causes. I did not pick this booth just because I am a Firefly fan; I picked this little booth in the far corner of the exhibit hall because it's the only place to pick up incredible (and cheaply priced!) Firefly and Serenity gear. Plus the money you dish out benefits Equality Now, an international human rights organization dedicated to action for the civil, political, economic and social rights of girls and women.

The California Browncoats are also taking part in the Can't Stop The Serenity event which brings Serenity back to the big screen for one night only (and rumors are floating that some of the cast may be making an appearance). Serenity will be shown at the Gaslamp Stadium (701 Fifth Ave) at 10pm. Admission is $15, and the money is donated to charity.

And because we all like prizes, here's a small sampling of what's on offer at the booth:

  • $3 fan pins
  • T-shirts
  • A chance to win one of five fabulous prizes (I can't tell you what those prizes are, but let that be your incentive to check out the booth!)
There are, of course, many other smaller booths you should visit. You may find a Comic-Con favorite that will keep you coming back year after year. That booth for me is the Rudy McBacon booth. If you find them, stop by for a free 3x5 cartoon.

What some of your favorite booths are at Comic-Con? Sound off in the comments below!

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