'Breaking Bad' at San Diego Comic-Con 2013: How Did Walter Poison Brock?
'Breaking Bad' at San Diego Comic-Con 2013: How Did Walter Poison Brock?
This August, AMC will be premiering the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad. The cast was on hand at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 to dish on their characters, their struggles and more. Here are the highlights:

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Who's Here:

Bryan Cranston (Walter White)
Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman)
Anna Gunn (Skyler White)
Dean Norris (Hank Schrader)
Betsy Brandt (Marie Schrader)
R.J. Mitte (Walter White, Jr.)
Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman)
Vince Gilligan (Creator/Executive Producer)

During the panel, a Breaking Bad Countdown Mashup was shown, with clips from the entire series up until now. So to catch yourself up on anything you may have forgotten, check out the video below:

Bryan Cranston on Walter's descent: The first episode when Walt tried to become something he wasn't. The actor went on to say, "Under the right circumstances, desperation, need, greed, depression ... anyone can become dangerous. That's what happened to Walter White."

Cranston on the final eight episodes and what his motivation is: "He's in the empire business, his ego is peaking ... to have this kind of power ... he's helpless to stop it now." His family is still important and would like to put the pieces back together. 

Aaron Paul on being "terrified" of Walter: "[Jesse] started out as this lost kid in desperate need of some guidance ... he is very impressed by [Walter] and now he just wants to stay as far away from him as possible." 

Anna Gunn on if the Whites are a good family: "[I believe] they really love each other ... all the power plays and things that happened between Walt and Skyler, they continue to try and reach through that."

Gunn later discussed how hard it is to understand Skyler. "For me, being a more overtly emotional person, I had to work towards who she is. She takes information in, processes it and goes into action rather than emotion." 

Dean Norris on Hank: He's "a great guy ... with morality and he can't get around it. ... He could have lied about beating up Jesse Pinkman, but he didn't, and he suffered the consequences."
Bob Odenkirk on Saul: Everything he says and does is scripted, so his funny lines are not improvised despite a comedic background. Saul is good at what he does because he's "funny and yet he actually gets stuff done." 

R.J. Mitte grew up on Breaking Bad. At just 14 when it began, he turns 21 next month. Mitte says, "Most people had high school. I had Breaking Bad."

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Creator Vince Gilligan on comedian actors: Gillian says comedy is "a lot harder to do than drama. ... I would hire a comedian any day of the week to play a dramatic part." 

Gillian on the actors' performances: Actors surprise him. Hank was originally planned to be a far less interesting character than he became. He also discussed Tio Salamanca and how his role grew based on the performance, saying, "It was like getting Michael Jordan to coach your peewee basketball scene." 

Gillian on how Walt poisoned Brock with lily of the valley: We never saw it on camera, but Gillian imagines Walt crushed it and put it in a juice box and put it in Brock's lunchbox at school. "It would have been tricky timing," but he was motivated. 

Chris Hardwick, who was the moderator for this panel, also announced that there will be a Breaking Bad after-show called Talking Bad. It will not just talk about that week's episode but will also be a "retrospective" of the series. 

There's also a new iBook called Breaking Bad: Alchemy -- an interactive companion book that includes video exclusives. 

Gillian on the finale: He's satisfied with how the show ends and hopes fans will be to, saying, "Everyone in front of the lens and behind it is feeling pretty good." 

Breaking Bad returns for its final season on August 11 at 9pm on AMC. 

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