16 and Pregnant
16 and Pregnant
Produced by Morgan J. Freeman, MTV's 16 and Pregnant shows audiences a variety of stories tackling the controversial issue of teen pregnancy. Every hour-long episode features a different high school girl, who has to deal with a new baby amidst all the adolescent problems she already encounters.

16 and Pregnant follows 5-7 months in the teen mother's life, showcasing the many changes she encounters throughout the pregnancy. There's rebellion and coming-of-age, in addition to facing the many responsibilities that accompany these transformations.

The documentary series highlights the challenges of becoming a teen mom, especially since this subject is slowly rising to the surface. Many girls find themselves confronting such an issue, and the show hopes to address and provide aid to these struggling families.  

According to MTV, being 16 and Pregnant requires encouragement and support, particularly with the heavy decisions that the teenager has to make. There's the thought of marriage, the possibility of putting the baby up for adoption and even choosing the child's religion. Finances are also to be considered, not to mention the pressure and rumors that high school itself brings.

The girls still go to class, hang out with their friends, and make plans for their future. But things get out of hand and the discovery of being pregnant appalls them. However, they find ways to make it work.

16 and Pregnant gives us a look at how these girls have to sacrifice their teenage years for the sake of the life they're carrying. As they go through all these trials, they have to remain strong and keep themselves optimistic of what's to come.

The show is also noted for its elaborate cartoons and notebook design, showing us the many divisions of the girls' lives. Each episode then closes off with the birth of their baby, with the 16 and Pregnant girls facing their future after everything they went through. But though that chapter ends, they all know that there's another beginning as they turn the page.

Source: MTV
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