Dead End

Season 2, Episode 18 -  Air Date: 4/24/2001
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Angel crosses paths with Lindsey while searching for a man in Cordelia‘s vision, who was stabbed himself in the eye. The man‘s eye turns out to be possessed, which is unknown to Lindsey, who is waiting on a hand transplant. Meanwhile, Angel is having a hard time trying to find the corpse of the man, which is not surprising, considering Wolfram & Hart have had his hand amputated and his body stored.Lindsey receives his new hand, which he is understandably having trouble with. Angel‘s search and Lindsey‘s curiousity ends in a cryogenic lab with multiple ‘still living‘ bodies. The duo work together to blow up the lab. The next day, Lindsey turns down a promotion and leaves LA, after patching things up with Angel.