Episode 24: Top12 Performances

Season 8, Episode 24 -  Air Date: 9/10/2013
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‘America‘s Got Talent‘ Recap: The Top 12 Perform

Tonight marks the beginning of the America‘s Got Talent not-quite-the-finals Top 12 phase: tonight and tomorrow, the dozen remaining acts will again perform, and will once again be divided in two. Is this extra segment between the finals and the semifinals really necessary? I guess that depends on your perspective: if you‘re an artist trying to come up with a mind-blowing new creative content every two weeks, this is probably getting pretty stressful. If you write recaps for a popular television website, you‘re probably getting a bit weary. But if you‘re a rich dude getting Snapple money for every minute of air time, then this Top 12 is the TV event of the summer!
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