Wildcard Acts Perform

Season 7, Episode 24 -  Air Date: 8/21/2012
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‘America‘s Got Talent‘ Recap: Second Chances for the Wild Card Acts

Tonight is a night of second chances. Acts that blew it or just didn‘t get by for one reason or another are back tonight for a second shot at relative glory. Each judge gets four acts to bring back, and I‘d be willing to be most of them are from that last quarterfinals show. I‘d forgotten how much I despise Howie and his Twitter handle.The first act, Spencer Horsman, belongs to Howard. He‘s backstage being locked up in a metal suit. How many times can you escape? He‘d better do it in front of us this time. Ooh, he‘s escaping from a tank of wet cement! I like that. It also has a steampunk theme, so that‘s fun. I used to be pretty jazzed on this act, but I feel like there‘s only so many times we can watch Spencer‘s dad control his 90-second murder. It was still exciting, though! Howard notes that Spencer brought a real sense of danger, and we don‘t fast-forward through the act.
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