Second Group of 12 Acts Performs

Season 7, Episode 16 -  Air Date: 7/10/2012
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‘America‘s Got Talent‘ Recap: Howard Calls Howie Out

The second show of the season seven quarterfinals has begun. I guess I‘m excited? I‘m not going to over-exert myself; we‘ve got a long road ahead of us. Nick‘s shirt and tie combo make me nervous. Howie warns tonight‘s acts that if they don‘t "step it up" and "give it their all" they could be going home. Yeah, that‘s how reality TV works!LionDanceMe is a dance/danger act that may not be able to step up their game and give it their all. They keep falling off those poles and hurting themselves! We‘ve never seen the act in its entirety, so they have that going for them, but I have a sneaking suspicion it‘s really just them jumping around on those poles. It‘s cool, but it lost some energy for me along the way. I wasn‘t entirely sure what my incentive to keep watching might be. "I know it‘s LionDanceMe, but who cares?" Howard summed up.
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