Fourth Group of 12 Acts Results

Season 7, Episode 21 -  Air Date: 7/25/2012
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‘America‘s Got Talent‘ Results: Who Will Move Through in a Night of Tough Competition?

If there‘s one thing the judges could agree on last night, it‘s that this fourth quarterfinals show was packed with talent. Almost preposterously so, actually. I have a feeling most of the wild card acts will be coming from people who don‘t make it through this week. Howie tried to spin this week‘s events into a positive "on what other show can you complain of too much talent!" But for real, man, that was so messed up stuff.Ulysses, Olate Dogs, and David "The Bullet" Smith are first up to the plate. I hope to god that it will be Olate Dogs, particularly against guys whose talents are cheesy singing and staying alive, respectively.
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