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Season 5, Episode 14 -  Air Date: 7/20/2010
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The second group of 12 acts perform.

America‘s Got Talent: the Second Group of 12 Performs

Okay, are we over the whole child star debacle yet? (Christina & Ali, Future Funk) Good, we‘ll deal with them later. For now we have twelve more acts to hate or love. We might not always agree on the acts, but can we at least agree to dislike Nick Cannon? No? You loved the movie Drumline? Okay, fine, that movie was awesome.Cheer SF is short for Cheer San Francisco, and they "really love" cheerleading. They also moved on automatically in the Las Vegas callbacks. I‘ve seen Bring it On, so it was just okay for me. A lot of spunky walking around to do this thing or that. And did Piers and Sharon "X" them? I thought that wasn‘t a thing anymore. And I don‘t like when a group comes back with "well, I think America would disagree."
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